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Robert Low was a Scottish journalist and author of historical fiction novels.

Passionate about journalism from the time he was 17, Low went to cover the war in Vietnam at the age of 19, convinced that it could make him become any kind of writer–at least according to Hemingway, who opined that one had to be as drunk as could be, suffer a broken heart and experience war in order to conquer the pen.

Having experienced the first two, Low knew he needed the third in order to complete the puzzle. And after 18 months of doing it, he admitted it was the dumbest thing he had ever done.

Poor judgment however led him to Sarajevo, Romania Albania and Kosovo, in an effort to prove he was still a real journalist and not one for the tabloids.

Low lived and worked as a writer in Scotland, and fell in love with ancient warfare, subsequently learning riding, horse archery and joining The Vikings group.

All these, coupled with his love of fiction writing, prompted him to write books such as The Oathsworn Series and The Kingdom trilogy.

Low succumbed to a brain tumor on May 30, 2021.

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Born: 1949 / Died: 2021

United Kingdom



  1. WG Grace: An Intimate Biography (1997)

Border Reivers

  1. A Dish of Spurs (2020)
  2. Burning the Water (2020)
  3. Shake Loose the Border (2021)

Brothers Of The Sands

  1. Beasts Beyond The Wall (2019)
  2. The Red Serpent (2019)
  3. Beasts From The Dark (2020)

Kingdom Trilogy

  1. The Lion Wakes (2011)
  2. The Lion at Bay (2012)
  3. The Lion Rampant (2013)


  1. The Whale Road (2007)
  2. The Wolf Sea (2008)
  3. The White Raven (2009)
  4. The Prow Beast (2010)
  5. Crowbone (2012)

Detailed book overview


WG Grace: An Intimate Biography

From his emergence as a teenage prodigy to well past his 50th year, W.G. dominated the game of cricket, taking 2,876 first-class wickets and scoring 54,896 first-class runs in a career lasting an incredible 43 years, from 1865 to 1908. His beard and massive frame made him instantly recognizable wherever he went, and his gamesmanship and wit were legendary.

Using contemporary accounts of W.G.'s greatest innings, many for the first time, Robert Low presents a radically new image of the sportsman who was recognized as the preeminent athlete of his day.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-1843583233
Publisher: Metro Books

Border Reivers

A Dish of Spurs

In the space between nations, nothing is out of bounds.

1542. For centuries the Scottish and English borders were known as the Debatable lands: wild, lawless, and the province of reivers, tight-knit robber families that roamed and pillaged the remote passes without fear...

Fifteen-year-old Mintie Henderson has just seen her father murdered. With the Scottish King newly dead and an army of hired reivers on the march, justice is in short supply. Then she comes across Batty Coalhouse: one-armed and hard as nails. Together they will set out on a journey of revenge.

But they are soon caught up in something bigger, a tale of Mary Queen of Scots and King Henry VIII. Stuck in the heart of a tempest, they know only one way to get out alive...


Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1800320147
Publisher: Canelo Adventure
Burning the Water

Bandits, soldiers, thieves, murderers: all thrive in the lawless hills...

The Borders are at war. Henry VIII, fat and pained with a diseased leg, wants to burn them all; to burn the very water if he has to.

Batty Coalhouse is still haunted by Maramaldo, the warlord responsible for cutting off his arm. He's given an intriguing offer: find some stray nuns and bring them to safety. In turn, that will lead him to his nemesis, now rampaging with an army not far away in the Cheviot hills.

What seems a routine assignment becomes a living hell, for in the Debatable lands, nothing is as it seems...

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1800322233
Publisher: Canelo
Shake Loose the Border

The war is coming to an end...Now the fighting can really start.

It is 1548, and the war with the English is winding down. But in the savage heart of the Borders, peace is far from secured.

One-armed Batty Coalhouse, bounty hunter, explosives specialist, border wanderer, is doing what he usually does: ripping the enemy apart. But then he's sent on an unusual errand.

An old friend has been taken to Berwick, England's northernmost point. Batty needs to get him back. Nothing is ever simple on the Border, and soon Batty is fighting enemies old and new. But in this blood-soaked world, it's not just your enemies you need to worry about...

Hold tight for a last, wild ride.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1800322585
Publisher: Canelo Adventure

Brothers Of The Sands

Beasts Beyond The Wall

The fate of Rome hangs on a mad mission to the edge of the world...

Drust and Kag, two ring-hardened fighters who won their freedom with blood, are met with an unusual request. The mysterious, powerful Servilius Structus sends them deep into Scotland, land of the Caledonii, to find and secure a woman and her young son.

Accompanied by Ugo, Quintus, Manius and Sibanus, this crew of ex gladiator rogues, tricksters and bar-room philosophers will risk everything on an insane quest and a daring escape.

In the dog days of Rome, with decadence and corruption in the air, the consequences of their failure are far greater than they could ever dream: not only their lives but the Empire itself is at stake.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1788637671
Publisher: Canelo Adventure
The Red Serpent

At the edge of the empire, the hunters become the hunted...

They're back - Drust, Kag, Ugo, Sib and some new faces - as dirt-ridden and downbeat as ever.

Drawn to the edge of the Roman world and the blasted deserts of the Syrian frontier, they are presented with a mysterious riddle from their old companions, Dog and Manius. In the scorching heat, plots and rumors breed like flies on a corpse.

To survive, Drust and the others must face all challengers along with Mother Nature's rage. Sometimes they'll stand and fight; sometimes they'll run as fast as they can and pray to the Gods. For it is a mad and violent world, and they must be equal to it...

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1788637688
Publisher: Canelo Adventure
Beasts From The Dark

Drust, Kag and co are in the Alps, battered, bruised and fighting for their lives. Some things never change.

On the hunt for a rogue Roman officer, something goes terribly wrong and they are left stranded in the mountains, their escape route cut off. Only then does the true danger of their mission reveal itself.

Caught in the crossfire not just of the mountain tribes, but of the vicious power politics of Rome, they must use all their cunning and guile to save themselves from death's icy clutches...

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1788637695
Publisher: Canelo Adventure

Kingdom Trilogy

The Lion Wakes

It is 1296 and Scotland is in turmoil. The old King, Alexander III, has died after falling off his horse one dark and stormy night. Scotland’s future is in peril. Edward I of England, desperate to keep control of his northern borders, arranges for John Baliol, a weak man who Edward knows he can manipulate, to take leadership of Scotland.

But unrest is rife and many are determined to throw off the shackles of England. Among those men is Robert the Bruce, darkly handsome, young, angry and obsessed by his desire to win Scotland's throne. He will fight for the freedom of the Scots until the end.

But there are many rival factions and the English are a strong and fearsome opponent. The Lion Wakes culminates in the Battle of Falkirk which proves to be the beginning of a rivalry that will last for decades…

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0007337880
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Lion at Bay

After fleeing to France following his defeat at the Battle of Falkirk, William Wallace has returned to Scottish soil to face his fate. But Robert the Bruce now stands between him and the crown.

Warring factions, political intrigue and vicious battles threaten at every turn. Both men face uncertain futures, their efforts thwarted by shattered loyalties, superstition and rumor.

In these troubled times, it is murder, treachery and the bitter rivalry amongst Scots nobility that will shape the long and bloody rise of Robert the Bruce to his coronation.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0007486045
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Lion Rampant

It is 1314. Robert the Bruce has reigned for eight hard years, driving out his English enemies with fire and sword. Lives have been shredded by war – wives, daughters and lovers slain or imprisoned. His men have lost almost everything.

But three great fortresses in the Kingdom remain under English rule: Roxburgh, Stirling and Edinburgh. Bruce must capture each stronghold after another to come face-to-face with Edward II, the English King humiliated by defeat and determined to put down his Scottish enemy once and for all. And the last great battle for the Scottish throne will be decided on a bloody field called Bannockburn.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0007337965
Publisher: Harper Collins


The Whale Road

Life is savage aboard a Viking raider. Young Orm Rurikson is plucked from the snows of Norway to join his estranged father on the Fjord Elk, and becomes a member of the notorious crew – the Oathsworn. 

Hired as relic-hunters by the merchant rulers, and sent in search of a legendary sword of untold value to the new religion – their mission is treacherous. With only a young girl as guide, their quest will lead them on to the deep waters of the 'whale road', toward the cursed treasure of Attila the Hun. And to a challenge that will test the very bond that holds them together.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0007215300
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Wolf Sea

A band of brothers, known as the Oathsworn, committed only to each other and feared by many, rises again, setting sail on the wolf sea in search of vengeance and glory.

Washed up in a hostile city, battle-weary and out of luck, the Oathsworn lie waiting for their reluctant leader, the young Orm, to bring them back once more to wealth and warfare. But Orm's prized sword - the legendary Rune Serpent - is gone, stolen by the rapacious Starkad, and with it the runes writ upon the hilt that only Orm can decipher.

The Oathsworn embark on a dangerous mission to reclaim their precious sword as they pursue the elusive Starkad across the turbulent Wolf Sea. Unafraid to fight and cunning in the ways of men, they wreak violence and bloody revenge on their enemies.

Caught up in the treacherous battles in the East between the rulers of Constantinople, aided by hordes of Viking mercenaries, and the Arabs, their adventures will take them from Greece to Jerusalem, across the treacherous Wolf Sea where only the hunting hungry dare set sail.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0007215331
Publisher: Harper Torch
The White Raven

The Oathsworn have itchy feet. Battle-hungry and tired of keeping the homestead fires burning, they are restless for action. And, being the Oathsworn, action is what they get.

When their homestead is attacked by Klerkon and his men, the Oathsworn promise bloody revenge. But they didn’t count on having to undertake the most dangeous journey of their lives in order to save two of their number.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0007287987
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Prow Beast

The Oathsworn have become feared and respected throughout the Viking world. Their name goes before them and men cower in their presence. But fame comes at a price…

While the Oathsworn revel in their new-found fame, Sterki, an old enemy with revenge in his heart, attacks their homestead - the Fjord Elk is sunk, old oarmates die and the Oathsworn are forced to flee into the mountains.

Unused to losing, the Oathsworn retreat to lick their wounds. They have been entrusted with the care of Queen Sigrith, pregnant and soon to bear the heir to the crown of Sweden, and much though the urge for revenge is strong, Orm's first duty is to protect the queen. And Orm soon realises that revenge is not the only thing on Sterki's mind; he has joined forces with Styrbjorn, nephew of King Eirik and next in line to the throne if he can only get rid of the current heir.

As the Oathsworn fight to defend themselves and their newfound celebrity and fortune, they're soon to realize that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be…

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-0007298570
Publisher: Harper Collins

Island of Mann, 979AD. A monk lies dying with a sworn secret he must pass onto Crowbone, the true heir to Norway’s throne, before he breathes his last. The monk’s words will decide the fate of a kingdom.

But once the secret is revealed, Crowbone’s long-time enemy, Gunnhild, the Witch Mother of Kings, threatens his path to the crown and will stop at nothing to prevent him from attaining his royal destiny.

Crowbone and his men must survive an unforgiving journey and face their sworn rival. It is a quest that will test the very bonds that tie the Oathsworn together.

Author: Robert Low
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0007298563
Publisher: Harper Collins