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Jen McLaughlin is an American New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of young adult and contemporary romance novels.

A strong believer in never giving up on your dreams, Jen decided to return to school for her MFA when her daughter began college.

Now a college professor pursuing her PhD, Jen is also an assistant in the Honors Program.

Some of her works are written under the pseudonym Diane Alberts.

She currently resides in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, four kids, a Miniature Schnauzer, and a number of cats.

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Genres: Contemporary , Young Adult

United States

Pseudonym: Diane Alberts


Forbidden Love Series

  1. Bad Romance (2015)
  2. Lust Is the Thorn (2016)

The Sons of Steel Row Series

  1. Dare to Run (2016)
  2. Dare to Stay (2016)
  3. Dare to Lie (2017)

Out of Line Series

  1. Out of Line (2013)
  2. Out of Time (2013)
  3. Out of Mind (2014)
  4. Fractured Lines (2014)
  5. Blurred Lines (2015)
The Sons of Steel Row Series

Detailed book overview

Forbidden Love Series

Bad Romance

Forced to leave the army after seven years due to an injury, sniper Jackson Worthington returns home where he meets a familiar face: Lily Hastings.
A blameless daddy’s girl, she is completely off limits given that the two are stepsiblings.
Plus Jackson already learned his lesson when he got kicked out of the house at eighteen thanks to a passionate kiss.

Lily is engaged to a man he doesn’t love and is about to devote herself to a job that she totally detests, all in an effort to please her controlling father.
Tired of being a good girl, she‘s going for what she wants. And what she wants is Jackson.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B012089OY2
Publisher: Loveswept
Lust Is the Thorn

Raised in the deadly streets of Chicago, Thorn McKinney wasn’t the prayerful type—until a terrible disaster made him join the seminary.
But right when he is about to fully commit, Thorn is troubled by his best friend’s little sister; a girl that he vowed to protect.
Will he come to her rescue and not fall for her wickedly seductive curves?

Rose Gallagher doesn’t want anyone to know that she works as a stripper and has an abusive boyfriend.
When Thorn however rescues her, will he follow his calling or stay in her comforting embrace?

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B012KJRR5O
Publisher: Loveswept

The Sons of Steel Row Series

Dare to Run

Former convict Lucas Donahue is ready to live a clean and independent life.
The only problem is that walking away from the gang is however easier said than done, even if you’re one of the boss’s most valued assets.
Furthermore, someone else is targeting him. The last thing he needs is a spirited tiny bartender.

Heidi Greene doesn’t need to be reminded that she should stay away from a playboy like Lucas.
But when he saves her from an ambush, Heidi is forced to stay with him for her own safety.
However, the more time they spend together, the higher her chances of getting broken in more ways than one.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1472234827
Publisher: Headline
Dare to Stay

Hardened by the deadly streets of Boston, Chris O'Brien is determined to live after surviving an attack by a whisker.
Desperate to find somewhere safe, he ends up being hosted by Molly Lachlan—a girl he grew up with.
Does he really want to get her involved in his dangerous mess?

In as much as Molly knows that welcoming Chris into her home is tantamount to welcoming danger, she just can’t turn him away.
Although Chris is quite charming, he also has this sadness in him that she has never seen before.
And despite the dangers of helping him, Molly hopes that Chris will stay.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1472234858
Publisher: Headline
Dare to Lie

Covert DEA agent Scott Donahue is fully aware of the dangers that come with living a double life in the dangerous streets of Boston.
Nothing however prepares his for being part of a bachelor's auction.
Invited to take the place of Tate Donovan, leader of the Sons of Steel Row, in the auction, Scott is under clear orders not to get involved with Skylar—a fight he’ll lose the moment he sees her.

A good girl by nature, Scotty brings out the wild side of Sky, despite not knowing the real him.
Will she risk heart with someone who doesn't exist?

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1472234872
Publisher: Headline

Out of Line Series

Out of Line

My father has controlled me my entire life. Not anymore…
Forced by my roommate to attend my first college party, I cross paths with Finn Coram; they guy who would turn my world on its head.
A Marine and a surfer, he refuses to give me any attention despite our intense chemistry.
But now that I have my freedom, all I want is Finn.

I’ve always been one to follow orders. This job should have been an effortless affair—until Carrie Wallington came along.
She makes me want to break the rules.
The truth will set you free. But for me, it’ll make me lose everything.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989668408
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Out of Time

I now have everything that I’ve ever wanted.
The love that Finn and I share turned out to be a lot more than I expected.
Everyone around us however seems determined to separate us.
First it was my father, now it’s the military.
With his deployment around the corner, every second together is invaluable.

Being Carrie’s boyfriend is way different from being her bodyguard.
My days are a lot better whenever I see her.
We however won’t be together for long.
A tatted Marine will never be good enough for her, at least according to her father.
I’m about to be separated from the love of my life.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989668415
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Out of Mind

Finn may have made it back home after surviving the attack, but his mind still isn’t in the right place.
He is slowly disintegrating and I’m doing my best to pick up the broken pieces so that things can get back to what they used to be.
As much as he means the world to me, no amount of love could ever fix this.
I thought nothing would be harder than telling my father about our relationship. I was wrong.

One mission and Carrie and I would be together forever—until it all imploded.
Right now, I’m not good enough for her.
The only person I have is myself.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0989668453
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Fractured Lines

There was a time that I was convinced that Finn and I would be together forever. Life is however full of surprises.
He's putting my trust to the test, and I no longer believe in the one man who stole my heart.
My protector has suddenly become my biggest source of agony.

Trust is a very strange thing. It’s so hard to build, yet so easy to lose.
But just when I’m about to submit to the ghosts of my troubled past, I’m given a stark reminder.
I’ll do whatever it takes to protect Carrie and our daughter—whether she wants me to or not.

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0989668491
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Blurred Lines

I knew what true love was for eight good years, until I caught my fiancée with her ex-lover.
As much as it was a bitter pill to swallow, I had learnt my lesson.
I vowed to never fall in love again—until Noelle Brandt crashed into my world.
Although our meeting was nowhere near one from a romantic novel, I always knew that it would amount to something. And now, I’ll do anything to keep her.

I once knew what love was, until it got lost.
Those feelings were however revived when I crossed paths with a wounded man.
Will things change when we both uncover the truth?

Author: Jen Mclaughlin
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0990781905
Publisher: EverAfter Romance