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Jo-Anne McLean, better known as JP McLean, is a Canadian bestselling, award-winning author of urban fantasy, supernatural thriller and paranormal novels.

Passionate about reading from an early age, she has vivid memories of her childhood, where she would sit in her father's lap, as she flipped through a picture book from the library.

Raised in Toronto, JP holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of British Columbia. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she had an accomplished career in Human Resources.

The recipient of numerous accolades from the Eric Hoffer Book Awards, the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, the Whistler Independent Book Awards, the Victoria Writers’ Society, and many more, JP has lived in different regions of North America, including Mexico, Arizona, Alberta and Ontario.

A certified scuba diver, and a lover of all things gardening and reading, the author currently lives with her husband on Canada’s west coast.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Paranormal , Supernatural Thriller, Urban Fantasy



Dark Dreams Series

  1. Blood Mark (2021)
  2. Ghost Mark (2022)


  1. Crimson Frost: A Supernatural Noel (2021)

The Gift Legacy Series

  1. Secret Sky (2018)
  2. Hidden Enemy (2018)
  3. Burning Lies (2018)
  4. Lethal Waters (2018)
  5. Deadly Deception (2019)
  6. Wings of Prey (2019)
  7. Lover Betrayed (2019)
Dark Dreams Series

Detailed book overview

Dark Dreams Series

Blood Mark

What if your lifelong curse is the only thing keeping you alive?

Abandoned at birth, life has always been a battle for Jane Walker. She and her best friend, Sadie, spent years fighting to survive Vancouver’s cutthroat underbelly. That would have been tough enough without Jane’s mysterious afflictions: an intricate pattern of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body and vivid, heart-wrenching nightmares that feel so real she wakes up screaming.

After she meets the first man who isn’t repulsed by her birthmarks, Jane thinks she might finally have a chance at happiness. Her belief seems confirmed as the birthmarks she’s spent her life so ashamed of magically begin to disappear. Yet, the quicker her scarlet marks vanish, the more lucid and disturbing Jane’s nightmares become—until it’s impossible to discern her dreams from reality, and Jane comes to a horrifying realization:

The nightmares that have plagued her since childhood are actually visions of real people being stalked by a deadly killer. And all this time, her birthmarks have been the only things protecting her from becoming his next victim.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1988125565
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Ghost Mark

Jane’s nightmares are back—and this time, they’ve unleashed a brutal killer. 

Jane Walker’s nightmares aren’t imaginary—they’re glimpses into the traumatic past; and the past can be dangerous, especially now that Jane’s protective birthmarks are gone.

Worse, she’s no longer invisible within her dreams—and learns this the hard way while using her power to incriminate a ruthless killer. Inadvertently revealing her ghost form, she launches him on a relentless hunt to track her down.

Even more disturbing, Jane knows this man. She once tried to use her power to save him from injury, but instead set him on a path of violent crime. Now, he’s targeted the man she loves, and Jane must keep one step ahead of this cold-blooded assassin before he gets rid of Ethan permanently.

Jane has one last chance to fix the mistake that altered this man’s history, but that means taking her most dangerous dream journey yet—one from which she might never awaken.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1988125633
Publisher: WindStorm Press


Crimson Frost: A Supernatural Noel

A blood moon on Christmas Eve brings magic...and menace.

After their mother dies on Christmas Eve, eighteen-year-old Charlotte struggles to raise her younger half-brother Oliver. Then Oliver’s abusive deadbeat dad shows up with a malicious agenda to tear the siblings apart. 

Although Charlotte has always denied her mother’s inherited magical talent, a special holiday ornament and a mysterious handwritten poem force Charlotte to admit the truth...and unleash some extraordinary magical powers of her own.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1988125602
Publisher: WindStorm Press

The Gift Legacy Series

Secret Sky

Everybody wishes they could fly—until it happens.

When Emelynn Taylor wakes up in the emergency room, her injuries present Dr. Avery Coulter with more questions than answers. Who is this guarded young woman? Why was she found in the middle of Sunset Park? How can she have injuries consistent with falling from above the tree line? Seemingly from nowhere? And, more importantly: Why is she lying about it?

The truth is stranger than anyone could have imagined - least of all Emelynn herself.

Nine years earlier, during the same summer she'd lost her father, 12-year-old Emelynn accepted a 'gift' from a mysterious woman called Jolene. Now, as she recovers in Dr. Coulter's emergency room, she's left wondering if that blessing was really more of a curse. Jolene's gift planted the seeds of incredible power within Emelynn - but what's the point of such abilities if you can't control them? 

Her emerging gift of flight, for example, nearly killed Emelynn when it sent her plummeting to the sidewalk in Sunset Park. Next time, she might not be so lucky.

But Emelynn is determined to master her abilities, and returns to the seaside cottage where Jolene had once granted her this 'gift.' There, Dr. Coulter guides Emelynn in uncovering a secret society of others just like her, who inhabit a mysterious world-within-a-world that challenges everything Emelynn thought she'd known. But the more she uncovers, the murkier the truth becomes. 

Soon, Emelynn is left questioning the motives of those she'd trusted the most - and is forced to rely on her barely mastered powers in a desperate fight for survival.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1988125275
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Hidden Enemy

A forbidden book. A dangerous secret. A life in the balance.

In the wake of a bullet and a broken heart, Emelynn Taylor learns the true portent of a gift she can barely control. Her discovery of a forbidden book unlocks explosive secrets that connect her to a past she never imagined.

Now someone is threatening to expose those secrets, and an unknown assailant is hunting her. With everyone hiding something, whom can she trust? Emelynn is thrust into the eye of a storm as two powerful factions clash: one ancient, one evil. And both of them want a piece of her.

Knowing that not even her gift of flight will save her, Emelynn forms an uneasy partnership with a dangerous man she must learn to trust—and then she must risk her gift and her future to protect her friends’ lives.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1988125312
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Burning Lies

A dishonorable legacy. A powerful enemy. A future threatened.

While recovering from a psychopath’s savage attack, Emelynn Taylor learns the ugly truth: deceit spawned her gift of flight, and ruthless brutality safeguards it.

But knowing the truth doesn’t prepare Emelynn for the terrorist who rips her world apart. And when the escalating violence spreads to the inner circle of her covert community, Emelynn uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to expose the gift and all those who share it.

Emelynn joins forces with a man she doesn’t trust and a family she doesn’t know to fight a menace that cloaks itself in lies. And when she lands at the feet of a dangerous enemy, Emelynn must face her worst fears to save the people she loves—and she must do it alone.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1988125350
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Lethal Waters

A body in the water. A vast ocean. A killer on the loose.

In the midst of a bloody rebellion, Emelynn Taylor exposes her gift of flight to save a man’s life. Now International Covert Operations knows her secret. The powerful organization is willing to cover up the carnage and protect her secret—in exchange for her services.

Her first assignment, a drug case in the coastal city of Vancouver, soon reveals a grisly murder that implicates one of her own kind.

Stalked by the ancient Tribunal Novem and vilified by a distrustful team of detectives, Emelynn takes on a perilous undercover role embedded in a drug ring where anyone could be the murderer.

Intrigue and danger lurk in the cold Pacific, challenging Emelynn’s unique gift and pitting her loyalties against her honor. And her choice is guaranteed to hurt someone.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1988125398
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Deadly Deception

A daring abduction. A sinister plot. A family on the edge of ruin.

A newborn is missing, and security camera footage implicates a kidnapper who shares Emelynn Taylor’s gift of flight. With the baby’s life in danger, Emelynn races against the clock to find the child. But lies litter her path and deception blocks her at every turn.

When Emelynn’s lover is the next to disappear, she suspects the kidnappings aren’t what they seem. In her desperate search, she uncovers a high-stakes conspiracy that jeopardizes the freedom of every Flier.

Emelynn and her handler must defy orders to track down this new enemy in time to stop their treacherous scheme.

And closer to home, a deeper deception threatens. Will Emelynn’s family survive the biggest lie of all? One that Emelynn has spent her whole life perfecting?

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1988125190
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Wings of Prey

A dead man’s warning. A lost plane wreck. A buried truth.

A dire warning from beyond the grave leaves Emelynn Taylor questioning her loyalties. Did someone she loves commit an unforgivable act of treachery? In her quest for answers, Emelynn opens a painful cold case knowing its resolution could destroy two families.

What she finds tests Emelynn’s integrity as the leadership changes hands within the Tribunal Novem, the powerful body that rules her kind. When confronted with betrayal and lies, Emelynn must follow her moral compass, even if it means losing the man she loves and alienating her Flier friends.

And when the terrible truth is unearthed, Emelynn is set on a collision course with two titans and a battle she can’t possibly win.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1988125237
Publisher: WindStorm Press
Lover Betrayed

A son in mourning. A disputed inheritance. A shocking betrayal.

When Jackson Delaney’s father dies unexpectedly, Jackson inherits a booming New Orleans development company with a tarnished reputation. Jackson pledges to clean up his family’s name, but his plans are thwarted by a disowned half-brother who lays claim to Jackson’s inheritance.

Then Jackson’s wife disappears. Desperate to find her, he calls in favours from his father’s nefarious colleagues and flirts with the feared Tribunal Novem—a ruthless organization of elite Fliers.

But nothing is what it seems, and from a single deception grows a suffocating web of lies. And when Jackson meets Emelynn Taylor, a mysterious young woman with no knowledge of her powerful gift of flight, he recklessly lures her into his vengeful mission.

How far will Jackson go? And how much is he prepared to sacrifice before he finds his way home?

NB: Lover Betrayed retells Secret Sky, the first book in The Gift Legacy series, from the viewpoint of Emelynn Taylor’s lover: handsome, charming, ruthless Jackson Delaney.

Author: JP McLean
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1988125497
Publisher: WindStorm Press