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When it comes to editing, Michelle Morgan loves nothing more than to work on her own fiction; a creation of her own imaginations.

Having published her first novel in 2014 as Michelle Josette, she spent the next four years growing two small businesses and starting a family alongside her fellow writer, IT genius and partner in crime, Jeremy Morgan.

Michelle has been writing quite a lot, with books such as Work in Progress and No Turning Back poised for release in the summer and fall of 2019 respectively.

Jeremy on the other hand has published two novellas, and is earnestly working to complete the first book of his epic fantasy series.

The couple currently live in Dallas, Texas with their two sons.

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Genres: Erotica, Fantasy / SF, Romance

United States


Non Series

  • Opposite Extremes (2013)
  • Broken before the storm (2014)
  • After Henry | A Love Story (2014)
  • No turning back | A Romance Novella (2019)

Love in Progress

  1. Work In progress (2019)
Love in Progress

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Non Series

Opposite Extremes

For Lan Henderson, two particular relationships stood out in his life.

Even he himself couldn’t understand how he got to attract two completely different women.

The first one was a hasty American blonde who just didn’t know when to stop, whereas the second one was a restrained Chinese violinist who had a racist father.

Tryng to come to terms with the intricacies that accompany living in Hong Kong, he can’t help but recall the stark differences between his current life overseas and how he once lived in America.

Provocative just as much as it is entertaining, Jeremy Morgan’s debut novella takes us on a journey of finding love, and ourselves.

Author: Michelle Morgan
First Release: 2013
Broken before the storm

For some strange reason, problems always seemed to follow Clip Eastlake like a dark cloud hovering over his head.

He can’t seem to get his first job, his relationship with his father is in ruins, he has to steal in order to get what he wanted, and his relationship with his girlfriend Kate is as hopeless as it is flat.

When he however finds himself trapped on Galveston Island with two children during Hurricane Ike, his true mettle will be tested.

Will the natural disaster turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

Will there be a rainbow once the flood waters subside?

The fate of the three is certainly on Clip’s hands.

Author: Michelle Morgan
First Release: 2014
After Henry | A Love Story

Emma Jenkins has no recollection of the terrible day that her father passed away.

When disaster hit the nation, it came right to Emma’s door step.

Forced to flee Manhattan, with broken dreams and a shattered childhood, Emma somehow manages to find a way of calming the storm in her life.

Three years later, she returns to New York to not only begin a new future but also face her past.

When memories however come flooding back, Emma faces the lies that she was forced to believe.

Will she accept her memories as truth, or will she find a way of forgetting them for good?

A book full of honesty and sympathy, After Henry is a stirring story about a girl who finds love, then finds love again.

Author: Michelle Morgan
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1502447760
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
No turning back | A Romance Novella

Cara Mann, a 36-year-old chiropractor, was doing just fine as she went about her business of running her own practice and raising her young daughter.

That was until she hires Jack Dennis to assist her with some computer work in her office.

No longer the nerdy kid she used to babysit, Jack is certainly nothing like she remembers, and he hasn’t really forgotten her.

Even if Cara is to accept the supportive hand Jack is willing to offer, how could she possible fall in love with a much younger man?

This book will be published first as part of a romance anthology; with the standalone novel containing more content set to be released in 2020.

Author: Michelle Morgan
First Release: 2019

Love in Progress

Work In progress

Lindsey Deal, an aspiring writer and publishing-house receptionist, survives her days by a whisker.

If it isn’t her overbearing boss, it’s a vicious-looking spider, and most of all, a particular romance novel that is screaming to be finished.

It was easy pickings for the first two but the third one however requires motivation; something she passionately lacks.

In walks Rian Harper: a strange, sexy, ink-covered musician who is the living embodiment of a corrupter of women.

He is just the motivation that Lindsey needs to complete her manuscript, but he is too old for her.

Rian on the other is in need of a business partner, or perhaps a creative partner.

The last thing on his mind is falling in love. It could run both of them, more so because of his deeply held secret.

Author: Michelle Morgan
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07QJ6YRLZ
Publisher: MJM Creative Publishing