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Jeanette Murray books in order

Jeanette Murray is an American author of contemporary romance novels full of huge and seductive alpha male heroes.

After spending a number of years in the Marine Corps, Jeanette now lives with her husband, daughter and their cute but foolish Goldendoodle on the outskirts of St. Louis.

Whenever she isn’t lost in her own fictional world creating the perfect love story, Jeanette can be found connecting with her old and her new friends online, exploring Pinterest as though she’s good at cooking, and chasing her young daughter around the house.

She also writes under the pen name, Kat Murray.

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Genres: Contemporary , Military, Romance

United States

Pseudonym: Kat Murray


First to Fight Books

  1. Below the Belt (2015)
  2. Against the Ropes (2015)
  3. Fight to the Finish (2016)

Roped & Wrangled Books

  1. Bucking the Rules (2013)
  2. Busting Loose (2013)

Santa Fe Bobcats Books

  1. One Night with a Quarterback (2014)
  2. Loving Him Off the Field (2014)
  3. Takes Two to Tackle (2015)
  4. Romancing the Running Back (2016)
  5. Completing the Pass (2016)
  6. Challenging the Center (2016)
  7. Changing Her Plans (2017)

Semper Fi Books

  1. The Officer Says (2012)
  2. The Officer Breaks The Rules (2013)
  3. The Officer and the Secret (2013)

Detailed book overview

First to Fight Books

Below the Belt

Marianne Cook is an athletic trainer determined to turn men of the Marine Corps into boxing machines; something that could eventually help her secure a job as a professional athlete trainer.

When she discovers that a tough marine is concealing an injury, Marianne will do whatever it takes to find the answers.

Brad Costa, a First Lieutenant, has yearned for a position in the Marine Corps boxing team. Making it is certainly harder for him, given the tough competition from his younger colleagues.

Although he has tried hiding his injuries from his beautiful trainer, the plan doesn’t seem to be working.

Perhaps it’s time to apply the art of seduction…

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00LMGK70O
Publisher: Berkley
Against the Ropes

Gregory Higgs turned to boxing as a way of toeing the line as a troubled teenager.

He not only found purpose in the ring, but also did so in the Marines.

Now with something worth fighting for, the two fit Greg perfectly.

Something else that fits him perfectly is the approachable athlete liaison, Reagan Robilard.

For a person who makes a living out of PR and ensuring that players stay away from trouble, Reagan’s job becomes increasingly harder when she discovers some shocking truth about Greg’s past.

She however can’t let Greg face the music. That’s just not how passion works.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B018CJNVH4
Publisher: Berkley
Fight to the Finish

Single mom Kara works round to clock to ensure that she and her son have a decent life.

An intense custody battle is however draining all her energy.

When a friend advices her to seek the help of a JAG officer, albeit on unofficial grounds, Kara heeds—only to fall madly in love with him.

Graham, a Judge Advocate, isn’t new to custody battles, having witnessed the very worst of them.

Although he intends to stay away from this particular one, something in this determined woman sparks his interest.

When Kara’s ex however starts using his position to gain influence, will Graham play by the rules or get embroiled in the fight?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B00Z8VTR1E
Publisher: Berkley

Roped & Wrangled Books

Bucking the Rules

Trace Muldoon is one to welcome a challenge with open arms, provided it has four legs, a wild mane and loves munching on hay.

So when life takes a strange turn, the rodeo star rises to the occasion.

Jo Tallen has a clear foresight of what she desires, and it has nothing to do with a picket fence.

Despite her terrible upbringing, she is now the head of the best watering hole in town.

On top of being surrounded by good friends and neighbors, Jo is also drawn to Trace. But things are never that simple.

Will she manage to stay away from the sexy rodeo?

NB: This book is published under the pseudonym, Kat Murray.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0758281067
Publisher: Brava
Busting Loose

Not many men can handle Bea Muldoon, which is why the belle hasn’t returned to her tiny South Dakota hometown since she was a teenager.

When family duty however calls, the unemployed actress leaves for the countryside.

Morgan Browning is in a bit of trouble, and the only person who can come to his rescue is Bea.

Although he insists that it isn’t because of her killer legs, why on earth would the town vet employ her to work in his office?

Perhaps it’s because Bea can talk her way into and out of anything, or rather because Morgan is set on to tying down a restless woman determined to leave town.

NB: This book is published under the pseudonym, Kat Murray.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0758281081
Publisher: Brava

Santa Fe Bobcats Books

One Night with a Quarterback

Cassie Wainwright always thought that her father never wanted anything to do with her, until she learns that he never knew she existed.

Determined to fill the void in her life, she leaves to meet her renowned NFL coach father, despite being warned by her mother.

Before everything in her life changes, Cassie decides to have one last night of fun.

Trey Owens, a quarterback for the Santa Fe Bobcats, is fed up with continuously being the centre of attention.

Good thing that he crosses paths with a stunning brunette who is not only a non-local, but also doesn’t know who he is.

They seem like the perfect match, until the night ends.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00GYA55XC
Publisher: InterMix
Loving Him Off the Field

Aileen is a sports reporter determined to make it in her field because of her own accomplishments, rather than her beauty. And exposing a scandal about the fastest rising stars of the Santa Fe Bobcats seems like the perfect fit.

Killian seems picture perfect, which means that he certainly isn’t. Whatever he’s hiding, she is going to reveal it.

Making it in the NFL is a tall order, more so for a single dad.

Although Killian is ashamed of the fact that he is hiding his son from the world, his ex has the kind of repute that could destroy his career.

So when Aileen starts digging for information, Killian decides to divert her attention.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00GYA53A2
Publisher: InterMix
Takes Two to Tackle

Nothing seems to be working out for Stephen Harrison.

A professional football player, he has just come out of rehab and shaded a lot of weight, making him an ineffective offensive lineman.

Even worse is that he has no support system.

When the Bobcats staff advice on getting a life coach, Stephen claims his girlfriend will help—if only she existed.

Good thing he has Margaret, his housekeeper, who is willing to act as his girlfriend. After all, the money earned will finance her elite cleaning service.

But as Mags helps Stephen to prepare for training camp, what happens when their growing attraction explodes into a night of passion?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00TY3ZS1U
Publisher: InterMix
Romancing the Running Back

Anya Fisher immediately leaves for Santa Fe when she is requested by her best friend to be the maid of honor at her wedding.

After all, Atlanta just isn’t the place for her, considering that she is quite close to divorcing her resentful and overbearing husband.

Although making a fresh start as an online personal shopper is demanding, it is nothing compared to planning a wedding with an overly-controlling groomsman.

Josiah Walker of the Santa Fe Bobcats is all about getting accomplished on the field, rather than the earth.

A passionate conservationist, he is a huge advocate of saving energy.

But what happens when an innocent kiss turns into something more?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B00WS1PGTE
Publisher: InterMix
Completing the Pass

When the fate of the Bobcats is determined, the team opts to give quarterback Trey Owens a much needed rest, replacing him with Josh Leeman.

Everything however changes when Trey is sidelined for the season.

With Josh now stealing all the headlines, he attracts a lot of attention from the ladies, but not all of them.

Elated after her father is discharged from the hospital, Carrington Gray isn’t too impressed when she sees Josh at the party.

Although their mothers have unsuccessfully tried pairing the two, Carri and Josh finally decide to go on fake dates to make their mothers happy.

But what happens when something so fake starts feeling so real?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B014EOUPJS
Publisher: InterMix
Challenging the Center

Michael Lambert of the Bobcats is the guy to turn to in times of desperation.

So when his agent reaches out to him for help, Michael is surprised to find out that the person of interest is a woman.

Katrina Kelly is a fairly successful tennis player.

Her life however takes a turn for the worse after her ex leaks their sex tape.

With injuries hampering her and sponsors withdrawing, things seemingly get worse when she is sent a football player to mentor her.

However with time, the prejudice fades as the two get to know each other.

Will their relationship however stand the test of time?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01G6L0BWI
Changing Her Plans

Clayton Barnes, a quarterback coach, is finally prepared to start a family.

Having settled with the Santa Fe Bobcats, he knows just the woman to do it with.

Kristen Keplar is a single mom whose son is a year away from joining college.

Although ready to make a fresh start after reclaiming her freedom, she declines an offer from one of the coaches—until she eventually accepts

Everything however changes when Clay discloses his intentions of starting a family.

Given that Kristen is nearly finishing parenthood, starting over is the least of her interests.

But when unexpected news emerges, will they be able to overcome the pressure?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B06X9H38QQ

Semper Fi Books

The Officer Says

While on a crazy pre-deployment party in Vegas, Captain Timothy O'Shay crosses paths with the lively and stunning Skye McDermott, something that will change his life completely.

The two couldn't be any more different.

He is a Marine while she on the other hand was raised on a commune.

His obligation to his nation supersedes everything else, while she is a free spirited woman convinced about the power of Fate.

He is used to a fixed schedule and order in his life, while she unleashes mayhem and creativity everywhere she goes.

These two are either going to suit each other perfectly, or completely drive each other insane.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B0083JC6O8
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
The Officer Breaks The Rules

He is a servant of loyalty
No man needs to be reminded that your best friend's little sister is out of bounds.
Yet for Captain Jeremy Phillips, Madison O'Shay is terribly attracted to him.
Even more challenging is the fact that he just can’t get her off his mind.

She is a servant of love
Although Madison has a clear vision of what she desires, and whose touch she craves, no man is worth forgoing her career in the Navy—and Jeremy is no exception.
But as these two individuals will come to discover, when it comes to love, some rules are meant to be broken.

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B01FEKT876
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
The Officer and the Secret

Captain Dwayne Robertson is desperate for some balance in his life after returning home from a terrible deployment.

Although that stability comes in the form of his friendship with Veronica Gibson, her well-protected past is a red flag for him. How can he be with a woman unwilling to reveal about her past?

Veronica Gibson is determined to make her peculiar upbringing a secret.

Although she managed to get away from her missionary parents, Veronica’s newfound peace is troubled by the pressure to fit in.

In as much as her future with Dwayne is promising, is she really willing to make a fresh start built on lies?

Author: Jeanette Murray
First Release: 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca