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Oliver North, whose full name is Oliver Laurence North, is a combat-decorated U.S. Marine veteran and #1 bestselling author of thriller books and non-fiction books.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, he is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.

During his twenty-two years with the U.S. Navy, LtCol North received several awards for his combat service, including the Silver Star, the Bronze Star for valor, and two Purple Hearts for wounds in action.

Besides writing multiple bestselling books, LtCol North is also the co-founder of Freedom Alliance, an organization dedicated to providing support and assistance to wounded U.S. military personnel and their families.

He gained widespread recognition for his exceptional FOX News coverage of over sixty U.S. combat units, as well as his Freedom Alliance "Hero College Scholarships" program for children of service members who lost their lives or sustained permanent disabilities while on duty.

LtCol North currently lives in Virginia with his beloved wife, Betsy, whom he has been married to since 1967.

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Genres: Non-fiction, Thriller

Born: 1943

United States


Non Series

  • The Rifleman (2019)

American Heroes (Non-Fiction)

  1. American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam (2008)
  2. American Heroes in Special Operations (2010)
  3. American Heroes: On the Homefront (2013)


  1. Taking the Stand: The Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North (1987)
  2. Under Fire: An American Story (1991)
  3. One More Mission: Oliver North Returns to Vietnam (1993)
  4. A Greater Freedom: Stories of Faith from Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004)
  5. True Freedom: The Liberating Power of Prayer (LifeChange Books) (2004)
  6. Veterans' Lament: Is This the America Our Heroes Fought For? (2020)
  7. We Didn't Fight for Socialism: America's Veterans Speak Up (2021)
  8. Tragic Consequences: The Price America is Paying for Rejecting God and How to Reclaim Our Culture for Christ (2022)
  9. American Gulags: Marxist Tyranny in Higher Education and What to Do About It (2023)

War Stories (Non-Fiction)

  1. War Stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)
  2. War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacific (2004)
  3. War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler (2005)

Jake Kruse (Co-authored with Bob Hamer)

  1. Counterfeit Lies (2014)
  2. The Giant Awakes (2022)

Peter Newman

  1. Mission Compromised (2002)
  2. The Jericho Sanction (2003)
  3. The Assassins (2005)
  4. After Jihad (2009)
  5. Heroes Proved (2012)
Non Series
Jake Kruse (Co-authored with Bob Hamer)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Rifleman

This is a war story. It’s about real people and events before and during the American Revolution. The central characters in this work—Daniel Morgan, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Charles Mynn Thruston, and Generals Arnold, Knox, Greene, Lee, Gates, and a host of others—actually did the deeds at the places and times described herein. So too did their accurately identified foreign and native adversaries. 

Though this is a work of fiction, readers may be surprised to discover the American Revolution was also one of the most ‘un-civil’ of Civil Wars. If Daniel Morgan were alive today, he would be my near neighbor in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley. 

While visiting a nearby gristmill, Daniel Morgan and Nathaniel Burwell, a fellow Revolutionary War veteran, built in the late 1700s (now restored and operated by the Clarke County Historical Association), I became fascinated by this unsung American hero.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1642938555
Publisher: Fidelis Books

American Heroes (Non-Fiction)

American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam

Since 9-11-01, North and his award-winning War Stories documentary team have made more than a dozen extended trips to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines covering U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen, and Marines for FOX News Channel. With extensive experience as a decorated military officer, a counter-terrorism expert, and as a documentary filmmaker embedded with American combat units, he has a unique perspective on the enemy we face and the qualities of those who protect us.

Illuminated by more than 300 full-color images, American Heroes offers a close-up of this generation’s “citizen-soldiers” who have chosen the path of the patriot and gone into harm’s way for their countrymen. North’s unprecedented access, his grasp of history, and his lucid reports from the crucible of combat make this a stirring chronicle of courage, commitment, compassion, and faith. Thank God for American heroes!

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1433677106
Publisher: B&H Books
American Heroes in Special Operations

Following the success of American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam (a New York Times best seller), Oliver North moves from the frontline to the world of shadow warriors, introducing readers to the brave, noble work of Navy Seals, Rangers, and Green Berets in American Heroes in Special Operations.

From the sands of Iraq to the mountains of the Hindu Kush, North relays insider stories and full-color photographs that depict soul-stirring missions, hidden victories, and desperate fights against impossible odds. Yet for these faithful, inspiring patriots, it's "all in a day's work."

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-0805447125
Publisher: Fidelis Books
American Heroes: On the Homefront

For more than a dozen years, combat-decorated Marine Oliver North and his award-winning documentary team from FOX News Channel’s War Stories traveled to the frontlines of the War on Terror to profile the dedicated men and women who serve our nation. This time, he follows them from the battlefield to the homefront and finds extraordinary inspiration in their triumph over life-altering adversity.

In this new volume of his New York Times bestselling American Heroes series, North describes the courage, commitment, and strength of those who serve—and those who love them. The term “selfless devotion” may be a cliché to many—but not to the men and women on the pages of this book. Their stories resound with bravery, a warrior ethos, and spiritual strength that will encourage us all.

Heroes are people who knowingly place themselves at risk for the benefit of others. Since the terror attack of September 11, 2001, more than two million young Americans have volunteered to serve in difficult and dangerous places. No military force in history has been asked to do more than those who have served and sacrificed in this long fight. They are American heroes. So too are their loved ones here at home. These are their stories.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1476714349
Publisher: Threshold Editions


Taking the Stand: The Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North

This book includes complete testimony of Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver L. North before the Select Committee of the House and Senate on July 7-14, 1987.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 1987
ISBN: 978-0671659387
Publisher: Pocket Books
Under Fire: An American Story

In this candid book, Oliver North, the man who has been at the centre of the Iran-Contra controversy tells the story of his life. He reveals the inside story behind the headlines and stresses the importance of his family and his enduring faith, which have seen him through the toughest times.

NB: Co-authored with William Novak.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 1991
ISBN: 978-1682617700
Publisher: Post Hill Press
One More Mission: Oliver North Returns to Vietnam

Offering a moving and informative look at the Vietnam war and its aftermath, a former Marine lieutenant who fought near the demilitarized zone returns to Vietnam to find out if anything good came out of all the tragedy.

NB: Co-authored with David Roth.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 1993
ISBN: 978-0061093517
Publisher: HarperCollins
A Greater Freedom: Stories of Faith from Operation Iraqi Freedom

This book recounts the experiences during the Iraq War of American military and naval personnel who are Christians, including the crew of the USS Harry S. Truman, and their faith that the war will lead to a new day for Christianity in Iraq.

NB: Co-authored with Sara Horn.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0805431537
Publisher: B&H Books
True Freedom: The Liberating Power of Prayer (LifeChange Books)

This original approach to prayer shows how it leads us to the powerful freedom that is ours in Christ. Honorary National Day of Prayer chairman Oliver North illustrates the freeing effects of prayer through engaging stories and scriptural truths. 

Seven key points describe how prayer helps us escape disconnectedness, anxiety, and sin - and frees us to hear God's voice and to become what we were meant to be. With the powerful biblical concept of freedom in their minds and hearts, readers will come away motivated as never before to spend time with God in prayer.

Do you see prayer as a burden? Does it tie up your time? Take another look. Prayer may be your way out of captivity. Sharing his personal experiences and the engaging stories of others, LtCol Oliver L. North USMC (Ret.) uses scriptural truths to illustrate the powerful liberating effects of prayer.

As you escape isolation, deception, anxiety, and sin in your own life, you’ll find freedom to fulfill God’s great purpose for you.

NB: Co-authored with Brian Smith.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1590523636
Publisher: Multnomah
Veterans' Lament: Is This the America Our Heroes Fought For?

Based on interviews of military veterans by the authors, this book explains why so many of our American military heroes—those willing to put their lives on the line to protect the United States—now question if our nation is still the country they fought for.

What is happening to our country? This question is heard more and more frequently these days as Americans worry about the unrelenting attacks by so-called progressives on the foundation, core values, and history of our nation. Nobody is more concerned than those Americans who volunteered to serve in uniform and willingly put their lives on the line to protect the United States and all it represents. 

Based on interviews by the authors, this book explains why many of our American heroes believed in and loved our nation enough to go into harm’s way to defend it, and why so many of them now question if America is still the country they fought for. More importantly, it asks—is America still worth fighting for?

NB: Co-authored with David Goetsch.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B08FBM66MS
Publisher: Fidelis Books
We Didn't Fight for Socialism: America's Veterans Speak Up

Veterans we interviewed and surveyed for this book as well as veterans we have talked to over the years made it clear they did not join the military to fight for socialism. Many of the veterans interviewed and surveyed for this book said they served in the military because they loved the freedom and opportunity afforded them by our country as well as the values that have long characterized America. To them, America has always been the good guy in the community of nations. A socialist America, in the eyes of these veterans, will no longer be a good guy.

NB: Co-authored with David Goetsch.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B097F5PL6S
Publisher: Fidelis Books
Tragic Consequences: The Price America is Paying for Rejecting God and How to Reclaim Our Culture for Christ

Tragic Consequences was written for Americans who are concerned about the cultural decline they see all around them, people who watch the nightly news and ask themselves, “What is happening to our country?” It seems we have become a nation of people who are offended by everything but sin. 

What is happening to our country is simple to explain but sad observe: We are seeing what a culture of sin can do to a country. It is a culture of darkness and depravity, a culture lacking in moral restraint, and a culture where life has little value. When a nation rejects God and accepts sin, the lurid stories carried on nightly news programs are the inevitable result. Within the problem is the solution. Biblical morality reestablished in America by an uprising of God's people standing for righteousness will bring God's forgiveness and our healing.

NB: Co-authored with David Goetsch.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09RPL1X5Z
Publisher: Fidelis Books
American Gulags: Marxist Tyranny in Higher Education and What to Do About It

America' s system of colleges and universities was once the best in the world. It contributed immeasurably to America' s status as the most powerful, productive, and prosperous nation on the globe. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. 

Today from kindergarten through 12th grade in the government school system, teaching reading, writing, and math have been supplanted by Marxist indoctrination. Our colleges and universities have become the final training grounds and launching pads of the next waves of Marxist activists. This book equips every American to turn this travesty around.

NB: Co-authored with David Goetsch and Archie P. Jones .

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2023
Ebook: B0C28RGDRJ
Publisher: Fidelis Books

War Stories (Non-Fiction)

War Stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom

The mainstream media are trying to discredit our victory in Iraq by saying there was no reason to take out Saddam. But Oliver North knows better. He was there. Embedded with Marine and Army units for FOX News Channel during Operation Iraqi Freedom, North (himself a decorated combat veteran) vividly tells the story his camera gave us glimpses of during the campaign to liberate Iraq. This updated edition features a new chapter detailing the events after the end of major hostilities—including the capture of Saddam Hussein—and brand-new action photos straight from the front line.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0895260376
Publisher: Regnery History
War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacific

When it comes to sheer savagery endured by the American fighting man, few combat theaters could match the Pacific in WorldWar II: the sodden malarial and Japanese infested jungles of New Guinea and Guadalcanal, the kamikaze pilots for whom death was no deterrent, and the blood-soaked beaches taken by island-hopping Marines. Here, in their own words, are the compelling stories of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, as told to decorated combat veteran Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1596980235
Publisher: Regnery History
War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler

It was the Greatest Generation’s greatest moment: when heroes at home and abroad, united in common purpose as soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines—under the leadership of generals like Patton, Eisenhower, Marshall, and Bradley—rescued Europe from the tyranny and genocide of Adolf Hitler.

In War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler, Marine combat veteran Lt. Col. Oliver North gives you a chance to revisit the front lines. Using dramatic first-person testimony, North reveals:

The reality of combat: how it felt to live through the Battle of Britain as a citizen and a pilot, on the ground and in the air

The stories of Yanks in the RAF: how Americans fought Hitler before Pearl Harbor

America’s first taste of battle in North Africa against the Germans—and the French

A date with destiny: men and women who joined up together to fight for liberty

The saga of war on the home front: how women faced enormous challenges in America, Russia, and Britain and helped win the war

Featuring extended interviews with veterans that cover the war in Europe from beginning to end, War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler is a testament to the courage and sacrifice of the World War II generation—a remembrance of the bravery and honor of these heroes.

It belongs in the hands of every veteran, every student, and every American.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-1596980242
Publisher: Regnery History

Jake Kruse (Co-authored with Bob Hamer)

Counterfeit Lies

Veteran undercover FBI agent Jake Kruse is investigating a smuggling ring in southern California when his assignment is cut short. A prominent criminal defense attorney wants to hire Jake on another kind of mission: to kill the daughter of a local crime boss.

What began as a “contract killing” soon captures the attention of the CIA, the US Secret Service, and high-level officials in Washington. The undercover agent is plunged into a deadly underworld of North Korean espionage, Hezbollah terror, and the sinister deception Iran uses to acquire nuclear weapons. Caught in a web of international intrigue that goes to the top of the US government, Kruse is forced to confront the ultimate moral quandary: doing what’s right when everything seems wrong.

Now, national security expert and decorated war hero Oliver North and former US Marine and FBI undercover agent Bob Hamer bring their real life experience to this tightly written tale of international intrigue and down-to-the-wire suspense. They say it’s fiction. But it’s all too real.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1982107550
Publisher: Threshold Editions
The Giant Awakes

Following back-to-back, long-term undercover assignments in Indianapolis and Dallas, the latter resulting in four dead, FBI Special Agent Jake Kruse returns to Los Angeles. Meeting with the new Assistant Director in Charge, Jake learns of three squad openings. The first two involve wearing a tie and being tethered to a desk. 

The third, however, is a low-risk undercover assignment that will keep him out of the office for months. It isn't a difficult decision, and he volunteers for the UC op, an intelligence gathering mission targeting foreign agents working for the People's Republic of China. Posing as an office supply salesman, Jake befriends a Chinese American business owner believed to be working for an intelligence officer operating out of the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles. 

Within weeks, the probe reveals a public corruption and human trafficking operation involving politicians and Hollywood executives. When a young girl is victimized by targets of the investigation, Jake must risk his life and his career to save her from sexual exploitation.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09Z21W5TB
Publisher: Fidelis Books

Peter Newman

Mission Compromised

Major Peter Newman, US Marines, was a highly decorated hero, content doing his job – leading his troops into harm's way. He was good at it. But the White House has other plans for him.

When Newman is handpicked for a dangerous clandestine operation as the head of the White House Special Projects Office, his orders are clear – hunt down and eliminate terrorists before they attack the United States with weapons of mass destruction.

From the corridors of power in Washington to the heart of the Middle East, Newman finds himself on an assignment so sensitive that it's known only to a handful of officials, as he becomes entangled in a nightmarish web of intrigue, revenge and betrayal.

When the mission is compromised, Newman embarks on a personal odyssey that threatens his career, his life and his loyalty to Corps and country.

NB: Co-authored with Joe Musser.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0060555849
Publisher: Harper Torch
The Jericho Sanction

When his cover is blown and his wife is kidnapped in Jerusalem, Lt Col Peter Newman realises he may have to pay a catastrophic price for his participation in a secret government mission to uncover Iraqi nuclear weapons.

Newman has always been willing to put his life on the line for his country. As concern that Iraq may already possess nuclear weapons grows, he once again puts America first and agrees to undertake a clandestine mission to uncover the weapons. But when his cover is blown and his wife is kidnapped in Jerusalem, Newman discovers that his courage has put more than just his own life at risk.

Matters become even more complicated when Israel discovers that Iraq has nukes, and plans a pre–emptive strike on Baghdad with Jericho missiles – an event that could have unprecedented consequences. Newman is the only man who knows all of the pieces to the puzzle, and the only one experienced and brave enough to prevent full–scale nuclear war. But as time ticks away, will he be able to both save his wife and prevent Armageddon, or will he have to make a terrible choice?

NB: Co-authored with Joe Musser.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0060599805
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
The Assassins

In 2007, soon after the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America, Jihadists attack multiple targets in Saudi Arabia, destroying oil pumping equipment, crippling pipelines, and assassinating most of the royal family. In the U.S., gas prices soar to over $6 a gallon along with hyper–inflation across the world financial markets. "Non–business travel" in the U.S. is limited to no more than 500 miles per week.

The men responsible for this outrage cannot be allowed to go unpunished. The UN Security Council authorizes an international intervention force, and in a closed session of Congress the "Assassination Bill" is introduced. General Peter Newman is assigned to head a new "Threat Mitigation Unit," and is given authority to recruit and train up to 100 specialists for the ominous task at hand––to assassinate terrorists.

When it's discovered that the terrorists are threatening attacks on major US cities, Newman and his team are dispatched and begin a mad chase across Europe and international waters to stop the threat before violent tragedy strikes again. But the terrorists are determined to strike on US soil, and their target is Washington, D.C.

NB: Co-authored with Joe Musser.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0061137648
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
After Jihad

America in 2032 is a poor shadow of the great nation its founders envisioned. The "Better Deal for All Americans" born of the Great Recession two decades earlier hasn’t solved its economic crisis. Growing dependence on government has altered citizen rights—special interest groups have no voice, and a new intelligence system knows every person’s actions and whereabouts.

And in this election year, the standing U.S. president will do anything to stay in power—even negotiate with terrorists who have forced world market oil prices over $500 per barrel. Amidst the corruption some covert patriots still won’t play by the new rules, including Peter Newman, military veteran and U.S. trustee for three of America’s biggest private armies. 

When his close friend—the inventor of a revolutionary fuel cell—disappears at a major energy conference on the thirty-first anniversary of 9/11/01, Newman calls on his son, James, to help find the missing scientist. The search becomes a perilous quest fraught with government duplicity, human betrayal, and international stakes. Those who look at the fluctuating world today and wonder "What if?" will find a sharply written cautionary tale with heart-pumping action and a surprising climax

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1423354611
Heroes Proved

The kidnapping of Martin Cohen, an MIT physicist who is privy to sensitive scientific information, from a Houston energy conference by Islamic terrorists sparks a high stakes game of international cat and mouse.

The NRA has been outlawed; the US military has been gutted; Conservative Christians, dubbed ANARKS, have been labeled a global conspiracy and have been largely driven underground. The Caliphate is now a superpower, residing in Israel. The White House is occupied by a repressive Progressive regime, obsessed with the upcoming presidential election.

Peter Newman, security consultant and former decorated war hero, is determined to rescue Cohen. The president, fearful that her reelection will be endangered by the reemergence of terrorism, will stop at nothing to keep the kidnapping a secret. The White House condemns the kidnapping as the work of ANARKS, then has the authorities brand Newman an ANARK. Newman is thus forced to evade the law while also preparing to rescue the kidnap victim with the help of his father—also a decorated war hero—along with a patriotic US senator and a band of special forces operatives.

Author: Oliver North
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1476714554
Publisher: Threshold Editions