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Tony Parsons books in order

Tony Parsons is a British award-winning journalist, broadcaster and bestselling author of contemporary books.

Born in Romford, Essex, Parsons dropped out of school aged sixteen in order to work on the night shift of Gordon's Gin Distillery in Islington, London, before being offered a journalism job on New Musical Express.

He for the next couple of years travelled with and wrote about legendary musicians such as The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and others, before eventually leaving his job to pursue writing.

Tony, whose books have been translated into over 40 languages, currently lives in London with his wife, daughter and their dog.

More about Tony Parsons

Genres: Contemporary , Non-fiction

Born: 1953

United Kingdom

Non Series

  • One for My Baby (2001)
  • The Family Way (2004)
  • Stories We Could Tell (2005)
  • My Favourite Wife (2008)
  • Starting Over (2009)
  • Catching the Sun (2012)

DC Max Wolfe Series

  1. The Murder Bag / The Murder Man (2014)
  2. Dead Time (2015)
  3. The Slaughter Man (2015)
  4. Fresh Blood: A DC Max Wolfe Short Story (2016)
  5. The Hanging Club (2016)
  6. Die Last (2017)
  7. Girl on Fire (2018)
  8. #taken: Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong girl. (2019)

Harry Silver Series

  1. Man and Boy (1991)
  2. Man and Wife (2002)
  3. Men from Boys (2010)


  1. The Boy Looked at Johnny: The Obituary of Rock and Roll (1978)
  2. Dispatches from the Front Line of Popular Culture (1994)
  3. Big Mouth Strikes Again: A Further Collection of Two Fisted Journalism (1998)
  4. Tony Parsons on Life, Death and Breakfast (2012)


  1. Beyond the Bounty (2012)

Short Stories

  1. Departures: Seven Stories from Heathrow (2011)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

One for My Baby

Alfie Budd doesn’t believe in second chances when it comes to love, having found the woman of his dreams with whom he thought he would grow old with, only to lose her.

Upon returning to the land that he had left behind during the brief marriage, Alfie realizes that everything around him is crumbling.

Taking comfort in meaningless affairs with his students at Churchill’s Language School, he also attempts to learn Tai Chi from an old Chinese man named George Chang.

Will Alfie ever have family values as solid as the Changs’?

Will he ever forgo the casual sex and try having a serious relationship?

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-1782920366
Publisher: CB Creative Books
The Family Way

Paulo loves Jessica and he thinks their family is complete. Jessica however desperately wants a baby. Can a family truly be happy without a baby?

Megan doesn't feel anything for her boyfriend anymore. But when a one-night stand ends in pregnancy, should she raise a child if she doesn’t love its father?

Cat has an older boyfriend who is in no rush to make babies, having already walked down that road. Can a contemporary woman really find real happiness without starting a family?

This is the fascinating tale of three sisters: three couples, two pregnancies, and their struggles with love, sex, fertility and what it means to be a family.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0007151240
Publisher: Harper Collins
Stories We Could Tell

It’s August of 1977. Elvis has just died.

Terry returns from Berlin, happy with his friendship with legendary rock star Dag Wood.

But as Dag arrives in London, he makes it his mission to win the heart of Misty, a young mysterious photographer who Terry loves.

Will she make it through the night?

On the eve of being sacked from his job, Ray confides in the arms of an older woman. John Lennon is however in town, and Ray is convinced that an interview with him could save his job.

Leon is being hunted down by a gang called the Dagenham Dogs. He seeks refuge at a disco where he meets Ruby – the dancing queen of his dreams.

Will true love find Leon or will the gang find him before the night is over?

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-1782920427
Publisher: CB Creative Books
My Favourite Wife

Bill Holden, an expert young lawyer, moves to Shanghai with his wife Becca and their four year old daughter.

There, his family is housed in Paradise Mansion—an elegant apartment block where incredibly wealthy Chinese men install their second wives.

One of them is JinJin Li, a former school teacher and neighbor to the Holdens.

When Becca witnesses a tragedy that shows the hidden face of the city, she returns to London with their daughter, leaving Bill behind.

Bill wants to be a better man than the millionaire who hides JinJin Li as a second wife.

But with his young family away, is there anything he can offer JinJin that she hasn’t had before?

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1782920441
Publisher: CB Creative Books
Starting Over

Having suffered a heart attack aged 47, policeman George Bailey is given a second chance at life after receiving the heart of a 19-year-old.

With a new lease of life, he unexpectedly draws closer to his teenage son and daughter, far from the harsh, old school father he previously was.

And to his wife, he is no longer the self-approving husband but rather a passionate lover.

George also wants to make a real difference in the world and not just watch it drift by.

But as he will soon find out, being a young again is overrated.

And George will do anything just to get back his old life back.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1782920465
Publisher: CB Creative Books
Catching the Sun

When Tom Finn almost ends up in jail for facing off with two robbers in his own home, the taxi driver leaves the crime-ridden city for the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand.

It’s their dream destination where his twins will swim with elephants, the gibbons sing love songs in the jungle, and the Andaman Sea is like turquoise glass.

So when Tom, Tess and their children, Rory and Keeva, leave for the beautiful beach of Hat Nai Tang in the tropical paradise, they hope for nothing but endless happiness.

However, both natural and man-made forces will disrupt their stay.

And in the long run, the Finn family will end up discovering themselves.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1782920526
Publisher: CB Creative Books

DC Max Wolfe Series

The Murder Bag / The Murder Man

Meet Max Wolfe: a London police detective; an insomniac; a lover of all things dogs; and a single dad. He is also the guy who takes down murderers.

Residents of London have been gripped by fear after a series of brutal killings.

A ruthless serial killer—sharp enough to execute with a single knife stroke, and bold enough to do it in public—is on the loose.

Although the victims, who cut across all levels of London society, initially don’t appear to have anything in common, Max soon uncovers that they all crossed paths decades ago at their prestigious private school.

The killer is on a personal mission, and the more the detective draws closer, the more the danger draws closer to him.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B01K90KNS4
Publisher: Arrow
Dead Time

It’s a cold Boxing Day night. As snow falls and the city slumbers, DC Max Wolfe stares at the empty streets below him from his loft apartment.

Suddenly, a van comes to an unexpected halt. Two men, clad in black clothes and wearing ski-masks, emerge from the van and begin dragging something.

From his view, Max can that it’s a half-naked man, probably half-dead.

He could still be breathing, but not for long.

And just like that, Max Wolfe finds himself chasing after a gang of killers who decollate their victims

Things are about to get personal.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00PXD8KCO
Publisher: Cornerstone Digital
The Slaughter Man

The lifeless remains a rich family is discovered on New Year’s Day inside their private gated community in north London, with their youngest child abducted.

As Detective Max Wolfe follows the trail of the murder weapon, which is a gun used for dazing cattle before they are slaughtered, it leads him all the way to a mucky corner of Scotland Yard’s Black Museum dedicated to a serial killer who was notoriously known as the Slaughter Man three decades ago.

Could the Slaughter Man really be back, given how he is now weary and elderly having already served his sentence?

Could a copycat killer be on the loose, or was this just a sanctioned hit to setup a dying man?

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B01K3MR4KS
Publisher: Arrow
Fresh Blood: A DC Max Wolfe Short Story

DC Max Wolfe finds himself deep into gangland London after the lifeless remains of an old man is discovered in Hampstead Heath.

Could the victim’s killing be somehow related to his connections to the Krays and the Richardsons?

As Max plunges deeper into the case, he unearths a shocking discovery about a new gang war; one that could have deadly repercussions for him and his loved ones.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B018DJYBX6
Publisher: Cornerstone Digital
The Hanging Club

A group of vigilante killers terrorize London in the hot summer nights, kidnapping evil men before hanging them to death.

Sentenced to death are:
- The gang member who took advantage of helpless girls.
- The rich man who killed a child after running them over while drunk
- The spiteful preacher calling for the killing of British soldiers.

As the bodies continue to compound and riots rock the terribly hot city, DC Max Wolfe embarks on a mission to hunt down a band of vigilante executioners who are largely viewed by the public as heroes.

What he’ll discover is that the thirst for revenge begins quite close to home.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01K928GQS
Publisher: Century
Die Last

One snowy February morning, on the eve of the Chinese New Year, a refrigerated truck is found parked at the centre of London's Chinatown.

Inside it are the remains of twelve women, all alleged illegal immigrants who succumbed to hypothermia.

However, upon going through the crime scene, DC Max Wolfe of West End Central discovers thirteen passports in the cab of the ditched truck.

There are twelve bodies, yet thirteen passports.

Who put the victims there? And what happened to the sole survivor?

In his quest to find the answers, Max is thrust into a world of human trafficking, mass migration and modern day slavery.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1784755331
Publisher: Arrow
Girl on Fire

The whole nation is shocked after terrorists use a drone to bring down a plane on one of the busiest shopping centers in the English capital; an act that triggers a series of events that will draw in both the culpable and the blameless.

In the midst of the violence is DC Max Wolfe who is tasked with protecting a city that is seemingly becoming hostile and inhabitable.

Does the biggest threat however come from the dangerous criminals that Max is pursuing? Or rather the very people he's trying to protect?

Furthermore, is his real threat closer to home than he thinks?

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1784755348
Publisher: Arrow
#taken: Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong girl.

#taken in the night
They abducted the mistress of one of the most powerful gangsters in London. The only problem is that they have kidnapped the wrong woman, and messed with the wrong detective in the process.

#taken underground
From the legendary Black Museum to the luxurious mansions of lifelong criminals; from disreputable strip joints to hidden sex dungeons, Detective Max Wolfe finds himself on a desperate search for the missing woman.

#taken to the limit
Thrust into a world full of family secrets, sexual envy, and an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, Wolfe could have very well walked into his grave.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1784755362
Publisher: Arrow

Harry Silver Series

Man and Boy

“Never did he ever think that he could be on his own.”

A stunning wife, a gorgeous four-year-old son, and a lucrative job in the media: Harry was living the dream life.

His whole world however crashed down after one reckless act on the eve of his thirtieth birthday.

A single father without a job and struggling to wash his son's hair the way Mommy used to, he’s debating on whether green spaghetti is a befitting meal for breakfast.

As Harry learns to become a father to his son and a son to his aging father, he finds new love, and makes the toughest decision of his life.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 1991
ISBN: 978-0006512134
Publisher: Harper Collins
Man and Wife

Harry Silver is a man struggling to strike a balance between his many devotions to his wife, his elderly mother, his stepdaughter, his former spouse and his dear son.

Despite already being in a conundrum, things get further complicated when the most irresistible girl in the world walks into his life.

On the other hand, his mother—the most composed and reassuring woman in his life—is getting older with each passing moment.

Nevertheless, she still has a number of important lessons that she can teach her fully-grown  son about family, commitment and the real meaning of love.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-1782920380
Publisher: CB Creative Books
Men from Boys

Things are seemingly perfect for Harry Silver. He has a gorgeous wife, three children that he loves dearly and a fantastic job as producer of a radio show.

He is however about to strike forty and his ex-wife Gina makes an unexpected return, determined to take their son.

With his son no longer around, his job at risk and his wife unnerved by the sudden re-emergence of her ex lover, everything around Harry seems to be falling apart.

But when his path interweaves with  that of two World War II veterans who fought with his late father, will the greatest generation teach Harry Silver one final lesson?

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1782920502
Publisher: CB Creative Books


The Boy Looked at Johnny: The Obituary of Rock and Roll

This book, authored by Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons, is a British history and opinion of punk rock music, complete with black and white photographic plates.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 1978
ISBN: 978-0571129928
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Dispatches from the Front Line of Popular Culture

Tony Parsons is not only one of the most popular journalists in Britain; he is also unequivocally the best known commentator on popular culture in the country.

From playing a pivotal role in the rise of "New Musical Express" magazine during his teenage years to his popular weekly column in "The Daily Telegraph", Parsons is more often than not considered to have a controversial view on everything.

From 1976 and the peak of Punk through the 1980s obsession with style and on to the obsession with sex and sex wars in the 1990s, these articles, essays and interviews have been collected various sources such as "NME", "Arena", "The Face", "Elle", "The Spectator", "The Daily Telegraph" and "The Times".

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 1994
ISBN: 978-1852274498
Publisher: Virgin Books
Big Mouth Strikes Again: A Further Collection of Two Fisted Journalism

Tony Parsons has always been a man of controversy, and this book isn’t any different.

From the notches on your bed post to your neighbor's wife, from Will Self to Dean Martin, Parsons has seen it all. Even better is that he is anticipating the unavoidable backlash.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0233001142
Publisher: Andre Deutsch
Tony Parsons on Life, Death and Breakfast

A young lover can sometimes shatter your heart. Sometimes, you’ll also make an absolute fool of yourself. That’s just what men do. It’s what we men have always done.

It has nothing to do with a mid-life crisis. It's just the latest in a long line of cock-ups!

This is an explanation into the modern life for men.

What exactly goes on in their minds, hearts and trousers of me? And most importantly, why?

In this exciting book, Tony Parsons—a bestselling novelist and one of the most popular journalists in Britain—talks about junk sex, performance anxiety, and how cars and football both went very terribly wrong.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0007327867
Publisher: Harper Collins


Beyond the Bounty

“Mutiny and murder in paradise.”

The Mutiny on the Bounty is the most prominent uprising in naval history.

A distressed crew, under the leadership of one Fletcher Christian, casts their sadistic Captain Bligh adrift in the hope of substituting brutality for elation in the picturesque island of Tahiti.

But even an island paradise can turn into a nightmare.

Mr. Christian succumbs to devastating pain while the Bounty burns.

Condemned by murder and deceit, their dreams turn into horror and their hopes of returning to England are forever diminished.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0007449132
Publisher: Harper Collins

Short Stories

Departures: Seven Stories from Heathrow

Departures is a collection of seven short stories by bestselling author Tony Parsons.

Heathrow airport is a hidden city with 75 million travelers passing through it annually.

This book is as such based on the author’s week as Writer in Residence at the world-renowned airport.

From the smart men and women in their twenties who control the skies in Air Traffic Control, to the gentleman who cares for the dogs, lions and smuggled rattlesnakes at the airport’s Animal Reception Centre; from the experienced immigration officers to the brave firemen; from the alert armed police to the pilots who touch the sky—Heathrow is a place where adventures end and begin.

Author: Tony Parsons
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0007458653
Publisher: Harper Collins