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Doris Piserchia is an American author of science fiction novels.

Born in 1928 in Fairmont, West Virginia, and raised in a large family, Piserchia attended Fairmont State College. She notably worked as a lifeguard whilst earning her teacher's degree in Physical Education.

Upon graduating, she chose the military over the public service, serving in the Navy for four years.

Her passion for fiction writing however began during her time at the University of Utah, when she stumbled upon the science fiction genre while pursuing her Master's degree in educational psychology.

The author of multiple science fiction books, Piserchia is often linked with the New Wave, despite her military background, and her biasness for older SF.

Although her books have been labeled as 'darkly comic' by lovers of her work, Piserchia has yet to publish any new works since 1983.

More about Doris Piserchia

Genre: Fantasy / SF

Born: 1928

United States

Non Series

  • Mister Justice (1973)
  • Star Rider (1974)
  • A Billion Days of Earth (1976)
  • Earthchild (1977)
  • Spaceling (1978)
  • The Spinner (1980)
  • The Fluger (1980)
  • Doomtime (1981)
  • Blood Country (1981)
  • Earth in Twilight (1981)
  • The Dimensioneers (1982)
  • I, Zombie (1982)
  • The Deadly Sky (1983)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Mister Justice

A time-traveling vigilante named Mister Justice is striking at criminals. The authorities can't allow this to continue, so they train super genius Daniel Jordan to catch Mister Justice. Meanwhile, another time-traveler, Aurthur Bingle, starts to take over the world.

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1973
Publisher: Gateway
Star Rider

Doubleluck...Home...with its streets of flowing gold, waterfalls of diamonds, lakes of perfume - and its deadly curse! Jade is the one human with the will to challenge all odds and find the key to save her species.

Fellow creatures fear her ability to dream. The powerful Rulon will exterminate all galactic life unless he can possess both Jade and the riches of Doubleluck. The brutal Dreens seek to mate with her to improve their inferior stock.

Escape from each of them brings her one step closer to the perfect monument that is Doubleluck - a monument that covers a lonely grave.

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1974
ISBN: 978-0553232172
Publisher: Bantam
A Billion Days of Earth

The Earth teemed with life of all kinds, and many besides man had intelligence and the gift of speech. But chaos ruled. And violence. And despair. Then, in the Valley of the Dead, Sheen first entered the world, and all of the life would bend to the might of the Supreme One before the final push to the stars.

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1976
ISBN: 978-0553088052
Publisher: Bantam

She called herself Reee and she was the last human being on Earth. This was the one thing she was sure of. Because Earth was not a dead planet, not by a long way. There were all manner of strange plants and bizarre animals, and there were the blue boys who insisted they were human - but she always set fire to them.

There was however Indigo, the all-devouring protoplasmic ocean that was literally gobbling up everything in the world. And there was the enigmatic Emeroo to whom she owed her continued existence. There were also the so-called Martians - humans who had fled to Mars and only came back to Earth to scout for survivors and vent their futile furies on the inhospitable homeworld.

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1977
Ebook: B00GU32V12
Publisher: Gateway

The ability to see other-dimensional rings that float in Earth's atmosphere was a late mutation of a few space-age humans. Daryl was under the care of the institution for muters, and she had discovered that if you jumped through the right ring at the right time it would land you in another dimensional world and another shape.

Spaceling is the story of Daryl's desperate efforts to unravel the mystery of why she was being held captive and of what was really going on in a certain alien dimension. Because she was sure it was all bad and that someday everyone would thank her for the revelation.

But instead everyone was engaged in a wild effort to hold her down, to keep her on this Earth, and to keep the world simply intact!

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1978
Ebook: B00GU32V7G
Publisher: Gateway
The Spinner

The search for new sources of energy led one man to an accidental breakthrough into a strange parallel world. It was apparently deserted and might have been a good place to prospect until the finder panicked. He tried to shut the dimensional crack that led into that other place.

But the breakthrough had prematurely awakened that world's most predatory inhabitant from hibernation - and in raging fury THE SPINNER slipped through to find itself alone and hungry in an American city loaded with good things to eat - people!

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1980
Ebook: B00GU32VJ4
Publisher: Gateway
The Fluger

The Fluger was five meters long, had four thick legs, a body of impenetrable molecular density and numerous teeth capable of chewing diamonds into powder. It was four hundred massive kilos of violence, savagery and hatred.

When the Fluger arrived as unlisted cargo in the enclosed city of Olympus, it launched itself on a murderous rampage which couldn't be halted. It presented that terrified utopian community with the problem of how to stop an irresistible force. The only answer seemed to be a hired alien assassin - an outer-space humanoid about whom the citizens of Olympus knew next to nothing except that he was a professional killer who would not quit until his job was done.

But when the irresistible force met the immovable object they turned that fragile city in the sky into a raging battlefield, and their 'savior' looked to become as much of a menace as his monster counterpart.

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1980
Ebook: B00GU2VHDG
Publisher: Gateway

It all began when someone tried to push Creed into the flesh pool to be ingested. The assassination failed, but Creed was never the same again. Because it launched the new cliff-dwellers of Creed's colony onto a new course of life - which could lead to humanity's re-emergence as Earth's masters.

In those far future days, Earth's masters were two trees. Not trees as we know them, but two Everest-high growths, whose sentient roots and fast-growing branches dominated every living thing on the world. Men lived between their arboreal combat.

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1981
Ebook: B00GU32VLW
Publisher: Gateway
Blood Country

Blood was what they called that mountain town and the forbidding land around it - and the name was significant. Folks there knew a secret that would have shocked the world...but nobody was ever going to get out of Blood to tell. Not even when Portia Clark arrived, hot on a news story for a national magazine. Especially not her...

Clint Breen, who had been in the outside world, tried to save her. But he had to fight a tradition that drove men and women to unspeakable lusts and that ruled secretly the lives and afterlives of everything being in the county. Blood was the place where more men and women walked the night than were ever seen by day. Horror was their heritage, for they were the people that the census dared not count!

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1981
ISBN: 978-0879976224
Publisher: DAW
Earth in Twilight

Laredo Space Base hadn't sent a ship to Earth for hundreds of years before the Project Deep Green survey craft was launched. Only one thing was known: the planet humankind had so long ago vacated was a wasteland with nothing on it but poisonous flora and small, murderous denizens.

That's what they taught astronaut Ferrer Burgoyne and as a result he was totally unprepared for the teeming jungle stretching farther than his eyes could see. He was even moer unprepared for the slightly green humanoids who greeted him. Obviously the scientists of Old Earth had done more in their labs than just mess around mixing human and plant cells. As sure as Ferrer Burgoyne was an astronaut the new men of Earth were the descendants of those hidden, forbidden experiments.

How then could Burgoyne continue his mission: to defoliate Earth with the deadly chemical Deep Green and prepare Earth for the return of his species?

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1981
Ebook: B00GU32VNK
Publisher: Gateway
The Dimensioneers

The orphan had always known she wasn't what people described as 'normal'. Whether merely precocious or a mutant freak, she had always been able to link minds with an equally weird mutated lion and skip into the worlds of the fourth dimension.

What the heck, it sure beat staying in school on Earth - that is until she realized that some of her fellow dimension-hoppers from other planets had more in mind than just a romp in the swamp.

They were launching an inter-dimensional war of imperialism, and she alone held the secret which could save her home world - if she could only escape the truant officer long enough to pull it off!

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1982
ISBN: 978-0879977382
Publisher: New York: Daw Books
I, Zombie

When the girl from the asylum drowned in the lake that night, she thought it was the end of her life, but she was wrong.

With robots at fifty thousand dollars a unit, it was far more economical to use corpse labor - all it took was a two-thousand dollar animating pack in the brain, and a zombie worker, under the direction of a helmeted controller, could do just about anything except think.

Or so everyone said. But in the zombie dorms at night, with only the walking dead or roommates, things were not as they should have been. The girl from the asylum seemed to have more mental ability, not less, and someone was trying to kill her. Kill a dead girl?

Maybe there was more to heaven than an afterlife of manual labor in the company of a bunch of stiffs!

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1982
Ebook: B00XUPQ0EC
Publisher: Gateway
The Deadly Sky

Ashlin had been climbing Mt Timbrini for more than a decade. Scaling the huge, befogged escarpment he liked to gaze down upon the city of Emera glittering below like a thousand multicolored moons.

But when horrifying visions of gaps in the fabric of sky above the mountain began to plague his nights, and the mysterious appearance of a woman on a section of the heights he knew to be unreachable baffled his daytime ascents, his motivation for climbing began to change.

He did not realize that his newly motivated enterprise would not bring him peace of mind, but a dire and dangerous battle for the peace of a world!

Author: Doris Piserchia
First Release: 1983
Ebook: B00XUPQ0GU
Publisher: Gateway