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Alan Anthony Price, better known as Anthony Price, was a British journalist and author of mystery, spy thrillers and non-fiction novels.

Born in Hertfordshire, London, he served in the British Army between 1947 to 1949, attaining the rank of captain.

A brilliant mind from his youthful years, Price won a scholarship to Merton College, Oxford, where he studied history and acquired his MA.

Soon after getting married to Ann Stone in 1953, Price joined the Oxford Times, where he worked for more than 30 years, retiring as the editor in 1988.

Known for writing the espionage series featuring Dr David Audley, Price is known for writing novels such as The Labyrinth Makers (1970) and Other Paths to Glory (1974), with the latter named by London’s The Daily Telegraph as among the top 20 spy thrillers of all time.

He died on 30 May, 2019 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, aged 90.

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Genres: Mystery, Non-fiction, Thriller

Born: 1928 / Died: 2019

United Kingdom

Dr David Audley

  1. The Labyrinth Makers (1970)
  2. The Alamut Ambush (1971)
  3. Colonel Butler's Wolf (1972)
  4. October Men (1973)
  5. Other Paths to Glory (1974)
  6. Our Man in Camelot (1975)
  7. War Game (1976)
  8. The '44 Vintage (1978)
  9. Tomorrow's Ghost (1979)
  10. The Hour of the Donkey (1980)
  11. Soldier No More (1981)
  12. The Old Vengeful (1982)
  13. Gunner Kelly (1983)
  14. Sion Crossing (1984)
  15. Here Be Monsters (1985)
  16. For the Good of the State (1986)
  17. A New Kind of War (1987)
  18. A Prospect of Vengeance (1988)
  19. The Memory Trap (1989)


  1. The Eyes of the Fleet: A Popular History of Frigates and Frigate Captains 1793-1815 (1980)

Detailed book overview

Dr David Audley

The Labyrinth Makers

No secret remains buried for ever... 

When an RAF Dakota, presumed lost at sea in 1945, is discovered in a drained lake in Lincolnshire, together with its pilot and a cargo of worthless rubble, it falls to David Audley of the MOD to puzzle out just why the Russians are so interested, and what the plane was carrying that is important enough to kill for.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1970
ISBN: 978-0753828274
Publisher: W&N
The Alamut Ambush

A brilliant young electronics expert is killed by a car bomb seemingly meant for the head of the Foreign Office's Middle-Eastern Section. Intelligence officer Hugh Roskill is sent by David Audley on an investigation that takes him from London clubland to the Hampshire countryside, and deep into the complexities of Middle Eastern politics, to find the answer to two questions: who was the real target of the bomb? And what is Alamut?

Against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the period before the Camp David Accords, Dr Audley and Colonel Butler are confronted with an assassin capable of turning the Middle Eastern conflict into Armageddon.

The Alamut Ambush
Director: Ken Grieve
Cast: Terence Stamp, Michael Culver, Carmen Du Sautoy, Robin Sachs, Bernard Alexander, Sarah Bullen, Carolyn Colquhoun, Rosalie Crutchley, John Grillo, David Haig
Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1971
ISBN: 978-0445402232
Publisher: Popular Library
Colonel Butler's Wolf

The Russians are looking for a few good men, and they're doing most of their looking within the British university system. It's a ploy which has served them well in the past, but now there's a difference. As Dr David Audley discovers very quickly, the aim of the Soviets is not simply to recruit, but to lay the groundwork for destruction. 

From the dim, comfortable reading rooms of Oxford to the bleak moors stretching away from Hadrian's Wall, Audley searches for the Russian wolf in don's clothing. What Audley can't know is that the agent has been forbidden to fail - on pain of death.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1972
ISBN: 978-1471900235
Publisher: The Murder Room
October Men

British Intelligence officer David Audley slips away to Italy without authorisation, taking his wife with him. Immediately the suspicion arises that he may have defected, and the head of Italian security is also interested in his arrival, particularly as it has flushed from cover a rogue communist.

But Audley has his own reasons for leaving Britain, in an investigation that becomes a matter of life or death.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1973
ISBN: 978-1471900174
Publisher: The Murder Room
Other Paths to Glory

Paul Mitchell spends his days researching WWI; his quiet life in the library can hardly be in greater contrast to the carnage he studies. Until, that is, the present catches up with him in the shape of Dr Audley of the MOD. Why does Audley want to know what really happened during the battle for Hameau Ridge on the Somme in 1916? The answer is complex and dangerous.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1974
ISBN: 978-0753828281
Publisher: Phoenix Press
Our Man in Camelot

Anthony Price ingeniously combines the machinations of British Intelligence with the legend of King Arthur in an extraordinary thriller that crackles with suspense from start to finish.

A US Air Force plane mysteriously vanishes on a flight from its base in Britain, and its ace pilot with it. The CIA investigates the missing pilot, and makes some odd findings - finding that will take British Intelligence officer David Audley back to the sixth century in an absorbing battle of wits with the Soviet secret police.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1975
ISBN: 978-1471900310
Publisher: The Murder Room
War Game

In the rural peace of modern England a war game recreates the slaughter of the Civil War. But when the battle ends, a real corpse is left it the Swine Brook; and an aristocratic but impoverished revolutionary claims to have found a cache of 'Cromwell's Gold'.

When David Audley is called in, seventeenth-century secrets and the deadly game of modern espionage clash in a brilliantly intricate thriller of bluff and counter-bluff.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1976
ISBN: 978-1471900198
Publisher: The Murder Room
The '44 Vintage

A few weeks after D-day the German army in the West is retreating, with the British and the Americans in hot pursuit. But Major O'Conor, ex-liaison officer with the Yugoslav Partisans, is conducting his own private war. As he leads his hand-picked team of ruthless fighters deep behind the German lines, it becomes clear that he regards French Resistance units and British Intelligence agents as more dangerous to his mission than the Germans. 

So it is unfortunate for him that two interpreters attached to his task force happen to be Second-Lieutenant Audley and Corporal Butler, already revealing the cunning and resourcefulness that, in earlier novels, has taken them to the very top of their field.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1978
ISBN: 978-0708814819
Publisher: Futura Books
Tomorrow's Ghost

'We want you to lay a ghost,' Frances Fitzgibbon is told as she is ordered to investigate the past of her own superior, Colonel Jack Butler's, at a decisive moment in his career. But why?

For as Colonel Butler pursues an elusive IRA/KGB assassin, Frances finds herself confronting dangerous questions as more than one spectre is raised from the dark past.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1979
ISBN: 978-0708817308
Publisher: Futura Books
The Hour of the Donkey

24 May 1940. Why did Hitler stop the Panzers and allow the British army to escape to Dunkirk?

Anthony Price provides an answer in this brilliant, compulsively readable thriller of two young officers pitchforked into the chaos of war. The German advance strands them behind enemy lines, where they witness an extraordinary scene: a high-ranking British officer consorting with Nazis. The possible explanations are shattering - not only for them but for the fate of the whole British Expeditionary Force.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1980
Ebook: B00GU3AIZI
Publisher: The Murder Room
Soldier No More

David Roche, a young double agent, is assigned to recruit British Intelligence Chief Dr David Audley into Soviet service. It isn't long before Roche begins to doubt the information he has been given, and it isn't long before he sees how he might use than information to free himself of his obligations to both sides. 

Roche joins Audley and two friends at an ancient tower in the French countryside, and also meets with Lady Alexandra Champeney-Perowne - who shows him why it is so vital that he get out. And out he goes, in an exciting denouement involving the KGB, British Intelligence and - out of the blue - a team of Algerian terrorists.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1981
ISBN: 978-1471900150
Publisher: The Murder Room
The Old Vengeful

When David Audley, that most subtle of Intelligence chiefs, sends his insubordinate protege Paul Mitchell off to investigate a KGB operation by researching a long-forgotten naval engagement off France in 1812, it doesn't look to Mitchell as if it will lead anywhere. But the fate of the crew of the Vengeful has more than a few surprises in store for Mitchell and suddenly the past throws a dazzling and very dangerous light on the present.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1982
ISBN: 978-0753828267
Publisher: Phoenix Press
Gunner Kelly

An innocent enough advertisement, placed by General Maxwell, retired war hero and beloved squire of Duntisbury Royal, equally innocent hamlet nestled in the English countryside. But the results are explosive...

Although it seems obvious that the IRA's stars are rising, there's a more global type of conspiracy in the country air. The CIA and the KGB are suddenly sniffing around, along with British Intelligence Chief Dr David Audley - whose intuition for mischief and espionage puts him right in the midst of the action.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1983
ISBN: 978-0445402539
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Sion Crossing

What does the chairman of the new Atlantic Defence Committee have to do with the American Civil War? And why was a top CIA trouble-shooter needed as a middleman? And why was that middleman looking for David Audley, senior analyst for British Intelligence?

It all seemed very wrong to Oliver St John Latimer, but it did present an interesting opportunity. Unfortunately for the ambitious, and usually desk-bound, Latimer, the opportunity was twice as deadly as it was intriguing.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1984
ISBN: 978-1471900136
Publisher: The Murder Room
Here Be Monsters

When ex-Major Ed Parker of the US Army is pushed over a cliff at Pointe du Hoc following the D-Day anniversary, a crisis is sparked off in British Intelligence. The cream of the Secret Service gather: Dr Audley, Oliver St John Latimer, Commander Cable, Dr Paul Mitchell. But none will take on the case.

Why is the investigation left to inexperienced Elizabeth Loftus? Is there any truth in the old rumour that Parker was a KGB double agent?

Elizabeth must ponder these and many other questions as she prises the lid off a can of worms forty years old - and suspicion begins to fall on her most respected colleagues.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0445405783
Publisher: Popular Library
For the Good of the State

Two KGB rivals, General Zarubin and Professor Nikolai Andrievich Panin, confront each other on a point overlooking the British Channel. Meanwhile, Henry Jaggard of British Intelligence has two pressing problems. He knows the Soviets are mounting a defensive program against a Polish dissident group in Britain, but he cannot intervene without jeopardizing his best inside agents.

And Dr David Audley, of the Intelligence R&D Department, has been playing clever politics again. Jaggard sees his opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The Professor has requested a meeting with Audley, his old adversary. And, with one of Jaggard's own men to abet him, Audley can be safely relied upon to overstep the mark in his attempts to frustrate the KGB . . .

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1986
ISBN: 978-0586072967
Publisher: Grafton Books
A New Kind of War

A New Kind of War takes us back to the Greece and Germany of 1945 - as the old kind of war comes to its official end. Why has David Audley broken the British-Greek truce? And furthermore, why did his brigadier order his actions? Is it just coincidence that Audley is surprised near Delphi by Captain Fattorini of the Royal Engineers? 

As a result of that unfortunate encounter, Fattorini finds himself in occupied Germany as the newest member of TRR-2: a special Intelligence unit engaged in a dangerous and brutal game. It is not until he at last meets Audley's mysterious brigadier that Fattorini learns the full truth about his own assignment in the ill-omened Teutoburg Forest.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1987
ISBN: 978-0586202593
Publisher: Harper Collins
A Prospect of Vengeance

The evacuation of Philip Masson's body near Mrs Griffin's cottage resurrects several old ghosts that send the newshounds scurrying to dig in their clippings archives. Rumours, matured with the passing years since Masson's "disappearance" way back in 1978, once more abound. But the investigative team of Ian Robinson and Jenny Fielding are already on a trail of discovery that leads back to the end of the Wilson/Callaghan era.

Jenny has overheard a snatch of gossip at an embassy party that seems to implicate British Intelligence's David Audley in the original cover-up of Masson's death...and Jenny has a personal interest in that affair. But it is not until the labyrinthine trails come together on a Spanish battlefield that Jenny learns why it is that Philip Masson had to die.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1988
ISBN: 978-0586206256
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Memory Trap

Even in the era of glasnost a defector is worth having, especially if he is a senior computer specialist in Russian military intelligence. But when the defection goes wrong, the British are left with three bodies and two inadequate clues to the nature of the information they might have been offered, and which now lies buried somewhere in the collective memories of David Audley and his one-time colleague Major Peter Richardson.

But what is the secret Audley shares with the half-Italian Richardson, now frightened into hiding somewhere in Italy? For once David Audley has no idea and the race is on to find the elusive Major. But Audley's objective is fast being overtaken by modern political imperatives - ones very different from the black and white certainties of the old Cold War days . . .

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1989
ISBN: 978-0586210260
Publisher: Harper Collins


The Eyes of the Fleet: A Popular History of Frigates and Frigate Captains 1793-1815

Frigates were the fastest warships in the British fleet in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the key to Britain's long dominance over the world's other navies. These scouting cruisers were, according to Nelson, "the eyes of the Fleet." But they were much more than that: true fighting ships, lightly built and heavily armed, ready for every task short of joining the set-piece battles involving the heavier ships-of-the-line.

From the bloody 1797 mutiny of the HMS Hermione crew, who murdered Captain Hugh Pigot and tossed him overboard after eight months of brutality, to the 1813 battle between the British frigate Shannon and the American Chesapeake in which the Chesapeake's Captain James Lawrence uttered the famous phrase, "Don't give up the ship!" The Eyes of the Fleet gives us the absorbing story of the men who worked the frigates during their heyday, and recounts with thrilling detail some of the most influential and exciting battles in naval history.

Author: Anthony Price
First Release: 1980
ISBN: 978-0586213933
Publisher: Harper Collins