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Anne Randall is a British award-winning author of mystery and crime fiction books.

She is best known for writing the acclaimed Wheeler and Ross mystery series.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Anne taught English at various secondary schools in inner Glasgow after completing her university studies.

She also tried her hand at being a cadet nurse, flower-seller, and civil servant before retraining as a psychotherapist.

Her debut novel, Riven (2014), the first installment in the Wheeler and Ross series, won first prize for crime fiction writing at the Wells Literature Festival.

Anne currently lives with her husband in Glastonbury, Somerset, where she works in private practice.

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Genre: Mystery

United Kingdom

Wheeler and Ross

  1. Riven (2014)
  2. Silenced (2015)
  3. Torn (2017)
  4. Deceived (2018)

Detailed book overview

Wheeler and Ross


First he kills.

A psychologist is found brutally murdered, an addict jumps to his death and a student is found dead. These are the facts. And they are all that DIs Wheeler and Ross have.

He waits.

As Wheeler and Ross weave through the layers of Glasgow's underbelly they find a subculture where truth and lies are interchangeable commodities and violence is the favored currency.

He watches.

The killer stays one step ahead of them as Wheeler uncovers a web of deceit in which her own nephew is entangled.

He leaves his legacy...

And as the case draws to a close, Wheeler has to confront her own integrity and face the dilemma: is justice always served by the truth?

Author: Anne Randall
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1472112316
Publisher: Constable & Robinson

He buried his victim alive. And now he's escaped from prison and is on the run in the city.

Fiona Henderson, the daughter of the victim, has descended into a world of silence following her mother's murder - and has suddenly gone missing. Next, the body of a homeless person is found among the rubbish in a deserted alleyway.

As DIs Wheeler and Ross investigate, more suspicious deaths occur and a pattern emerges: the victims are all homeless. And so the police are pitched against a killer who is hellbent on a mission to rid the streets of the vulnerable and dispossessed.

With their investigation taking them further into Glasgow's netherworld, Wheeler and Ross uncover a criminal class ruthlessly willing to exploit the disaffected and a city of double standards, where morality is bought and sold.

When the killer begins stalking DI Wheeler, she and Ross realize that the threat has become personal.

Author: Anne Randall
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1472112354
Publisher: Constable & Robinson


The court case had been harrowing. The fifteen jurors sat in silence while the prosecution produced evidence of how a man with obsessive sado-masochistic fantasies had turned into a killer. Fourteen of the jurors were repulsed. One man was secretly enthralled. A new world of possibility had opened up for him.


When an actress is found dead, the ligature marks suggest that she had been involved in extreme sex games. When DIs Wheeler and Ross begin to investigate her death, they realize their investigation is being blocked not just by the owners of the exclusive club where she was found but by some of Glasgow's most influential citizens.

Meanwhile Skye Cooper, Scotland's latest indie-rock sensation is playing the final gig of his sell-out tour but his dreams of stardom are on a collision course with the obsession threatening to consume him...

Author: Anne Randall
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1472122780
Publisher: Constable & Robinson


What secrets are hidden at the heart of family life?


The lies we tell ourselves are often more dangerous than the truth.

When forty-one-year-old Sarah Price is reported missing after having arranged a date with a man she met on the internet, her son is distraught.

Meanwhile, Glasgow based Detective Inspectors Kat Wheeler and Steven Ross attend the scene of a murder. Michael O'Donnell, a widower and devoted stay-at-home dad to his daughter, Paula, has been brutally killed. And Paula, who is vulnerable and dependent on daily medication, is missing.

As Wheeler and Ross race to find Michael's killer and Paula's abductor, they are drawn into a tangled web of deceit. Soon they come to realize that the killer is watching them. And is always one step ahead...

Author: Anne Randall
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1472122810
Publisher: Constable & Robinson