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Joanne Reed is a wife, mother and author of the book This Is Your Quest - Your Mission: To Experience True Happiness Along the Way.

Born on the French island of Réunion where she also grew up, Joanne is a lawyer by profession.

Neither an academic nor an economist, Joanne sees herself as an observer and a thinker curious about the world and its people.

A strong believer in the mantra of living the story you want to tell, her objective in her book was to expose people to concepts, philosophies, and ways of thinking can help change people’s lives.

A mother of two teenage daughters, Joanne currently lives in Seoul, South Korea.

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Genre: Non-fiction



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This is Your Quest - Your Mission: To Experience True Happiness Along the Way

This is a thrilling journey through history, socio-economic discussions and philosophical dialogue.

Through this book, you will learn how to use a holistic approach to find true happiness.

This book has the capacity to change lives, not by telling you how you should lead your life but rather by enlightening you with concepts, philosophies and a way of thinking (for yourself) that may previously have not been so obvious.

Part History Treatise; Part Socio Economic Discourse; Part Philosophical Discussion; this is a Self-help Book like no other.

A valuable ticket to the most epic of journeys, the only thing you'll need on this trip is an open mind.

Author: Joanne Reed
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1634928472
Publisher:, Inc.