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Jenifer Ruff is an American USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of mystery, suspense and psychological thriller novels.

She is prominently known for writing the #1 bestselling Agent Victoria Heslin Thrillers.

A devoted reader and astute storyteller, Jenifer enjoys writing twisty mystery thrillers that keep readers on the edge of their seats as they desperately attempt to join pieces of the puzzle.

Jenifer currently makes her home in North Carolina, where she lives with her beloved family and a pack of greyhounds.

Whenever she isn't writing, Jenifer can be found reading, exercising, and hiking with her dogs.

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Genres: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

United States


Non Series

  • Lauren's Secret (2016)

Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller

  1. The Numbers Killer (2019)
  2. Pretty Little Girls (2019)
  3. When They Find Us (2020)
  4. Ripple of Doubt (2021)
  5. The Groom Went Missing (2022)
  6. Vanished on Vacation (2022)
  7. The Atonement Murders (2023)

Brooke Walton

  1. Everett (2014)
  2. Rothaker (2015)
  3. The Intern (2018)

FBI & CDC Thriller

  1. Only Wrong Once (2017)
  2. Only One Cure (2020)
  3. Only One Wave (2021)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Lauren's Secret

Some secrets change your entire life. Some secrets get you killed.

Lauren is an elite gymnast training full-time to qualify for the Olympic team, when an unexpected and terrifying incident changes everything in her world. Forced to abandon her identity, she has no choice but to become someone else, somewhere else, and face high school for the first time. A brand-new scene of cliques, competitive cheerleading, and teenage drama would shake anyone, but that isn't the worst of Lauren's problems.

Anyone who likes a good mystery and appreciates the intense discipline and rigor of women’s gymnastics and competitive cheerleading at their highest levels will love Lauren's Secret, by USA Today and International Bestselling author, Jenifer Ruff.

NB: This book is also known as Full-out.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1954447011
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press

Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller

The Numbers Killer

A key FBI witness is found dead in his kitchen with strange messages written on his forehead: the word “liar” and “2.”

Agent Victoria Heslin is assigned to investigate. Her boss believes the murder is a hit to silence the witness, but the facts Victoria discovers say otherwise. As she follows the leads, calls start coming in—more dead bodies, each corpse left with a different message. With no common denominator connecting seemingly innocent victims, Victoria fears anyone might be next.

Then the killer leaves a personal note for Victoria. And another. The authorities in D.C. and Virginia are panicking about the rising body count. To protect the public and herself, Victoria can’t waste a minute in identifying the disturbed spree killer and uncovering the deep, dark secrets motivating the murders, which prove to be anything but random.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1733957007
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
Pretty Little Girls

The disappearance of a prep school girl from an affluent family leads to a hidden world of shocking secrets.

FBI Agent Victoria Heslin is called to Charlotte, NC to investigate alongside local police, but the mysteries only get deeper. Why are the girl’s parents so uncooperative? And why are the local authorities resisting Victoria's help?

When her efforts uncover a sex trafficking operation, Heslin enlists friend and fellow Agent Dante Rivera to go rogue and try to save the girls, before it’s too late.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1733957038
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
When They Find Us

A commercial airliner disappears without a trace. Stranded, injured, and freezing, what happens to the survivors next will haunt them forever.

After breaking up a sex trafficking ring, FBI Agent Victoria Heslin wants nothing more than to visit the rescue shelter she sponsors, a trip that also offers a much-needed European vacation and a chance to figure out her new relationship with Ned. Comfortable in first class, she drifts off—only to be shocked awake when her plane crashes.

Lost in an empty, frozen wasteland, Victoria and a few other survivors battle extreme temperatures, as each day brings more tragedy. One by one, the desperate group is winnowed down. The remaining passengers must decide if they'll stay with the wreck, waiting to be found, or brave the harsh elements and venture out in search of help.

When Agent Dante Rivera learns of Victoria's fate, he puts all his energy and expertise into finding her plane, which seems to have vanished from existence. As he unravels a technological mystery and layers of scheming, he fears his worst nightmare will be realized: that he won't find his coworker and friend alive.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1733957076
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
Ripple of Doubt

A young woman mysteriously drowns in Lake Lucinda. And someone will do whatever it takes to keep her identity a secret.

FBI Agent Victoria Heslin visits her family’s secluded lake house to recuperate from a plane crash. But what is supposed to be peaceful recovery time with her father and brother turns into a murder investigation when the body of an unidentified young woman is discovered in the lake.

Only a few others live in the exclusive Lake Lucinda community and all of them are suspects, including Victoria’s brother. Which of them knows more than they are saying? How many of them are lying? As Victoria’s personal investigation unfolds, she learns they all have secrets to hide. Will Victoria uncover the dark mysteries of Lake Lucinda before more lives are lost? And will doing so destroy what’s left of her family?

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1954447028
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
The Groom Went Missing

Second thoughts...or something more sinister?

Everything is perfect and in place at the lavish wedding, except the groom. But ER doctor Scott Redmond would never leave his bride at the altar, unless the unthinkable occurred.

Special Agent Victoria Heslin was hoping to enjoy a relaxing and romantic wedding weekend as a guest of the best man. Now it’s up to her to unravel the mysterious circumstances, uncover the truth, and find the groom.

Investigations reveal people’s dirty secrets, and the guests at this wedding have many. But even Victoria doesn’t anticipate the disturbing reality she unearths, and the life and death situations she’ll face because of it.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1954447172
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
Vanished on Vacation

Three college students enjoy a fun resort vacation in Mexico…until one of them disappears.

As a frantic search for missing student Avery Jennings begins, everyone is hiding something—Avery’s family and friends, the resort’s staff, and its wealthy guests. It’s up to FBI Special Agent Victoria Heslin to dig deeper. Motivated by her own mother’s abduction years ago, she’s determined not to let Avery become another missing person statistic.

The Mexican authorities aren’t cooperating, and Victoria realizes she’s up against something more powerful than she imagined. Taking matters into her own hands, she plunges into a hellish ordeal that will test her strength and courage like never before.

“How much will you risk to find this girl?” the officer asked.

“Whatever it takes,” Victoria answered without hesitation.

Or is it already too late?

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1954447226
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
The Atonement Murders

A long-hidden secret. A shocking motive.

When detectives find the same message—THIS IS YOUR ATONEMENT—at the staged scenes of four seemingly unrelated homicides, FBI Special Agent Victoria Heslin must uncover the connection between them to identify the killer.

The crimes are scattered across the East Coast. The victims are in their late twenties: an All-Star NBA player, an investment banker, a dental hygienist, and a bartender.

Who is punishing them? What have they done? And who might be next?

Victoria delves into the victims’ pasts, traveling from Boston to Charlotte to the North Carolina mountains, unraveling the dark mystery that links the crimes. As the killer’s motive becomes clear, Victoria is in a race to the finish that she must not lose.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2023
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press

Brooke Walton


At Everett, perfection has a dark side.... Brooke is a highly-motivated coed at prestigious Everett College. She is determined to graduate number one in her class, get accepted at a top medical school, and become a surgeon. Everything is going according to plan, although she's not sure what to do about Ethan, an attractive guy who would like to be more than friends. Her classmates and professors are captivated by her achievements and appearance, with the exception of one student. 

Only Jessica, a wealthy socialite, senses Brooke might not be all she appears. But Jessica has her own problems, fueled by too many prescription pills, energy drinks, and a huge case of snobbery. She's too busy looking down her nose when she should be watching her back. What happens in a historic blizzard will settle their differences once and for all.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1537294711
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

It takes the perfect student to commit the perfect crime.

Medical school at Rothaker University is cutthroat, which is perfect for first-year student Brooke Walton. She thrives on the work and the stress—it’s the people she can do without. Except for Xander Cross, a handsome former college football player who just completed a tour in Afghanistan. Brooke is intrigued by Xander’s troubled past and wants to get to the bottom of his darkest secrets.

But when Brooke’s anatomy partner, Rachael, insists Brooke violated the honor code, all Brooke’s accomplishments and years of hard work are in jeopardy and she could be expelled from prestigious Rothaker.

Then Rachael mysteriously disappears.

Desperate for clues, detectives descend on campus to interview everyone: faculty, staff, and students. Only one person is desperate for the truth to stay hidden, and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1537293424
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Intern

Two young American tourists are brutally murdered in Cancun. A private investigator in Connecticut is desperate to uncover the truth about a missing coed. At the heart of both matters is Brooke Walton, a young medical student.

When her summer internship in a Medical Examiner's Office exposes a disturbing mystery and her ruthless brilliance, authorities take a closer look. Can Brooke save her own beautiful skin with someone watching her every move? Will one more murder solve her urgent problems, or dig her an even deeper grave?

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1724682000
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

FBI & CDC Thriller

Only Wrong Once

Two mysterious deaths: one in LA, one in Boston, each with the same horrific symptoms.

Only Wrong Once is the first book in the phenomenal FBI and CDC Thriller series from USA Today bestselling author Jenifer Ruff and a remarkable look at the efforts and sacrifices of those who protect us.

In Los Angeles, FBI counterterrorism agent Quinn Traynor receives an urgent call from CDC agent, Madeline Hamilton. She's discovered the first victim of a lethal, unfamiliar virus. Their joint investigation uncovers an imminent bio-terror attack, and their only hope is to identify the terrorists carrying the disease. 

With just two days remaining before it's too late, the FBI and the CDC race to prevent a pandemic. The ensuing nightmare will hit closer to home than they ever anticipated and one of them will pay an unimaginable price for protecting the country.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1973750710
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Only One Cure

The President's only child is dying. Terrorists claim to have the cure.

When a private plane whisks CDC epidemiologist Madeline Hamilton to Washington D.C. for an urgent medical symposium, she knows something significant is underway—but she doesn’t expect to face the most disturbing medical mystery of her career. A debilitating neurological toxin has stricken the children of several political families, and one of them is the son of U.S. President Anna Moreland.

With the lives of children on the line, Madeline assembles a team of medical experts. The investigation takes a horrifying turn when she starts receiving communications from the terrorists, who want to engage in a deadly political game.

Desperate to find the perpetrators and a cure, the White House recruits FBI antiterror specialist Quinn Traynor to run a parallel investigation. As the teenagers start dying and the answers seem no closer, Madeline and Quinn fight to prevail before President Moreland is forced to make an impossible choice: give in to the terrorists’ demands or let her only child succumb to an agonizing death.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1733957052
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
Only One Wave

A tsunami strikes a small island in the Pacific Ocean, leaving destruction and madness in its wake. Is it the next pandemic?

After the natural disaster, CDC epidemiologist Dr. Madeline Hamilton and her fiancé, FBI operative Quinn Traynor, go to Nalowale Island to investigate a deadly outbreak of unknown origin. Victims become aggressive and irrational, suffering from insomnia, hallucinations, and eventual death.

But not everyone cooperates with the agents’ efforts to save lives. Devon Wheeler’s fortune depends on completing construction of the Azure Cove Resort. He’s hiding something, and he’ll do whatever it takes to open the luxury complex on time, even if it means concealing critical information related to the outbreak.

Under quarantine conditions, with all communications to and from the island shut down, the wave of illness climbs toward a calamitous crash. Then Madeline uncovers something terrifying…and impossible. The investigation will require significant acts of courage and huge leaps of faith, but what Madeline and Quinn discover, and what they take home with them, will change lives forever.

Author: Jenifer Ruff
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1954447134
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press