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Jennifer Ryan books in order

Jennifer Ryan is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of suspenseful contemporary romances.

She loves writing stories about everyday people doing extraordinary things, with her moving love stories often filled with high stakes drama, family, friendship, and the highly sought happily-ever-after.

Whenever she isn’t writing, Jennifer can be found gardening or daydreaming about characters before she eventually puts them on paper.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance, Suspense


Non Series

  • The Me I Used To Be (2019)


  1. Waiting on a Cowboy (2020)
  2. Love of a Cowboy (2021)
  3. True Love Cowboy (2021)

Montana Heat Series

  1. Protected by Love (2017)
  2. Escape to You (2017)
  3. True to You (2018)
  4. Tempted by Love (2018)

Montana Men Series

  1. At Wolf Ranch (2015)
  2. When It's Right (2015)
  3. Her Lucky Cowboy (2015)
  4. Stone Cold Cowboy (2016)
  5. Her Renegade Rancher (2016)
  6. His Cowboy Heart (2017)

The Hunted Series

  1. Saved by the Rancher (2013)
  2. Lucky Like Us (2013)
  3. The Right Bride (2013)
  4. Chasing Morgan (2013)
  5. Can't Wait (2014)
  6. Everything She Wanted (2016)

The McBride Series

  1. The Return of Brody McBride (2014)
  2. Falling for Owen (2014)
  3. Dylan's Redemption (2014)

Wild Rose Ranch

  1. Dirty Little Secret (2018)
  2. Restless Rancher (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Me I Used To Be

Having been convicted for a crime that she never committed, Evangeline receives a harsh welcome upon returning home.

Nothing seems to be going right for her.

Her mother is still blaming her for her father’s death, her brothers want nothing to do with her, and their ranch is on the brink of collapse.

Evangeline's only ally is Chris Chambers, the officer who sent her away.

Convinced that Evangeline went to prison to protect someone else, he strikes a deal with her, promising to exonerate her if she helps in the capture of the real criminals.

Will justice be served or will Evangeline’s dreams be put on hold, forever?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0062883919
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks


Waiting on a Cowboy

Tate McGrath just didn’t get it. Why was Liz Scott, his best friend—and the person he relied on and trusted most—suddenly avoiding him! When he finally tracks her down, he finds her with a man he knows nothing about and she’s been dating for weeks. Suddenly, he can’t make himself ignore her tempting curves and deep green eyes, and all he wants to do is keep her all to himself. What was going on? Could he possibly be…jealous?

Liz had made the decision: stop carrying a torch for Tate and find a guy who wants to be her everything. Tate had always seen her as honest, dependable, smart, kind…Best friend, not girlfriend! And she needed to give up the dream of marrying the man she’d loved since preschool and move on.

But when Liz’s boyfriend turns dangerous, Tate steps up to help and soon realizes he’s the cowboy hero she’s been waiting for him to be all along.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B081ZFHL4J
Publisher: Avon
Love of a Cowboy

Skye Kennedy has always loved the close-knit community of Sunrise Fellowship—but when she witnesses the commune’s new leader commit a terrible crime, she flees…and finds herself in Montana, on the McGrath ranch, and drawn to the stoic yet kind man determined to help her.

Declan McGrath has always handled things himself and focused more on work than his love life. With his newlywed brothers distracted by their beautiful wives, Declan has even more work on his hands. But when Skye arrives at the ranch starving and desperate for work, his loner days are over.

Skye wants to keep her distance and protect Declan from the deadly threats facing her, but soon their relationship morphs into something much more than either of them expected. When she fights back against those out to destroy Sunrise Fellowship, Skye and Declan will have to do everything to protect not just Skye's community, but also their new love...

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2021
Publisher: Avon
True Love Cowboy

Jon Crawford has returned to Montana, determined to take over his father’s ranch and raise his daughter in Big Sky Country, leaving the big-city life behind once and for all. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, but he doesn’t count on stubborn but beautiful Trinity McGrath, who arouses his protective instincts even as she tries to push him away.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Trinity, but now she has everything she needs—her family, friends, and a safe and secure life. With a business to build, Trinity doesn’t have time for romance…until Jon comes barging into her life and all her intentions are turned upside down!

Still, an attraction like theirs is too powerful to deny, and sometimes true love comes along when you least expect it. But when someone from Jon's past comes back with a vengeance, Trinity and Jon will have to do everything they can to save themselves and their new love...

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B08P21MM27
Publisher: Avon

Montana Heat Series

Protected by Love

Having stood up the Mia Martin twice, DEA Agent Caden Cooke is surprised to learn that he has a third chance to impress the beautiful chef. To him, nothing is more important than taking down the bad guys.

Sparks are ignited from the moment the two meet, and it’s clear from the offset that they really like each other.

When a spiteful drug dealer however unleashes a set of vengeful acts, putting their lives in danger, Mia and Caden quickly realize that they’ll do anything to protect the each other, and the love neither of them ever expected.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B018QM88KC
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Escape to You

When undercover DEA Agent Beck “Trigger” Cooke comes across a woman with a little boy by her side in the middle of a Montana blizzard, he is shocked that he’s able to recognize the woman as Ashley Swan—an award-winning actress who has been missing for more than a year.

Determined to keep the pair safe from the ruthless madman after them, he hides them in his remote home.

Upon her recovery, Ashley gradually falls in love with the attractive federal agent.

But until her captor is arrested, and Trigger’s dark past is finally put to rest, none of them will ever be truly safe…

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B01MRTZ26X
Publisher: Avon
True to You

Undercover DEA Special Agent Dawson King spent five months in a Montana prison coming up with a fake identity, all in a desperate bid to bring down a merciless drug dealer.

Enter Cara Potter, the killer’s daughter.

As much as she hasn’t got any blemishes, King doesn’t trust anyone, and he has learnt that the hard way.

King may have reignited feelings that Cara never thought she could ever have, but something just holds her back from fully opening up to him.

When the heartbreaking truth however comes out, will Cara listen to her heart, or her head?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07192GP32
Publisher: Avon
Tempted by Love

Alina Cooke is the last woman that DEA agent Jay Bennett should be waking up next so, more so on her brother’s wedding. Their intense attraction however culminated into one explosion that now complicates their once simple friendship.

Alina has always led a steady life while Jay, just like her brothers, puts his life in danger every time he goes to work. A life together would as such be one of endless worrying. The only problem is that she can’t stop falling into his arms.

When her life is threatened, Jay vows to do everything in his power to protect her.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0062864239
Publisher: HarperLuxe

Montana Men Series

At Wolf Ranch

Having spent years on the rodeo circuit, all that Gabe Bowden wants is land he can call his own and a woman he can be with for more than one night.

But as soon as he acquires the huge Wolf Ranch, he rescues a woman on the snowy and isolated road leading to the property.

When Ella Wolf’s twin sister is brutally killed, she flees to her family's abandoned Montana, knowing that she's the next target for the killer.

The last thing she however expected was to be rescued by a rugged rancher, a man who momentarily makes her forget how dangerous love can be.

Forming an improbable alliance, with the killer closing in, can Ella and Gabe trust each other before it’s too late?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00JJV4QDI
Publisher: Avon
When It's Right

Life in the country is proving to be better than Gillian Tucker expected.

Having accepted an invitation to the Montana ranch, one belonging to her grandfather she has never met, the serene environment is far better than the violent San Francisco.

What she however didn’t expect was to cross paths with a bullish, smoking hot cowboy.

Blake Bowden is a man with a careless past. Now the co-owner of Three Peaks Ranch, the last thing he wants to do is get involved with his partner's granddaughter.

But when danger arises, Blake will put everything on the line just to protect Gillian.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2015
Publisher: Avon
Her Lucky Cowboy

When champion rodeo rider Dane Bowden wakes up after a rodeo accident, he is certain that he has died and gone to heaven. How else could the doctor attending to him be the same girl who saved his life years ago before mysteriously disappearing?

There isn’t anything that Bell wouldn’t do for Dane—the fantasy that keeps her going.

Despite being an accomplished young surgeon, she is still the awkward girl who’s never had a boyfriend; one who Dane can’t stop asking out.

When danger however lurks, it will be Dane's time to save Bell’s heart.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0062334954
Publisher: Avon
Stone Cold Cowboy

Sadie Higgins is used to bailing her stubborn brother out of trouble. So when he steals a herd of cattle from the Kendrick brothers, Sadie knows she has some answering to do.

Rory Kendrick is determined to hunt down the person who has been rustling his herd.

When he however crosses paths with Sadie—a quiet and innocent girl whom he has always been attracted to—his mission escalates into one involving keeping her safe and winning over her heart.

But by falling in love with Rory, will Sadie gain or lose everything?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B00ZP5WOQI
Publisher: Avon
Her Renegade Rancher

Colt Kendrick doesn’t have many regrets, except the fact that Luna Hill—the woman he sees every time in the local diner—isn’t his.

Luna Hill can’t seem to forget the provocative kiss she and Colt should never have shared.

But just as an attraction forms between them, she receives a job offer out of town, only for her to stay after a close friend unexpectedly dies—leaving her with a huge gift.

Not everyone is however impressed with Luna’s good fortune.

And when her life is in danger, Colt will risk everything just to protect her.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B07114NBZ6
Publisher: Harper Collins
His Cowboy Heart

Ford Kendrick couldn’t wait for the day that Jamie Keller would return home to Montana.

She had no option but to leave after high school, and Ford never held her back, knowing he had a duty to rescue his family’s ranch.

For Jamie, not a day goes by without thinking about Ford. The sexy and rugged cowboy left an empty space in her heart that no man could ever fill.

And with the scars she has, she simply wouldn’t let anyone else get too close.

As much as they both want to be together, Jamie has a dark secret that threatens her safety.

Ford is however determined to fight by her side, now and always…

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B01GONH15I
Publisher: Avon

The Hunted Series

Saved by the Rancher

Rancher Jack Turner pledged to help Jenna Caldwell Merrick from the moment he met her.

As time goes, he no longer just tends to her wounds, but also begins gluing together the broken pieces of her heart.

Jenna has been a fugitive from the moment she left her ex-husband, David Merrick, taking part of his company with her.

Jack’s ranch has been more than a safe haven, as she has been offered love, family, and a home she never thought possible.

With Jack’s help, she will find the courage she needs to rebuild her life. And soon enough, the hunted will become the hunter.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B009NG1OVG
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Lucky Like Us

Elizabeth Hamilton leads a quiet and sweet life running her bakery, until the day she finds an unconscious man lying in the street. By rescuing the man who was going to be run over, Elizabeth puts herself on the radar of the serial killer.

Being the only one who can identify the FBI’s Silver Fox Killer, Elizabeth is put under the protection of Special Agent Sam Turner.

But as Sam gets emotionally attached, he is determined to not only protect Elizabeth from the killer but also from her desperate ex who wants her back.

Setting a trap for the killer, will Sam get his man, and get the girl?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B009YM5BWC
Publisher: Avon Impulse
The Right Bride

Cameron Shaw, an enterprising businessman, never believed in love until he utterly falls in love with Martina at first sight.

Beautiful, loving and very reserved, she is the perfect woman for him. From the way she bonds with his little girl, it’s quite evident that Martina will be a wonderful stepmother and a great bride.

The only problem is that Cameron has promised to marry Shelly, the gold-digging woman allegedly carrying his child.

How long will it take before he realizes that Shelly has been lying, and that Marti is actually the one pregnant with his child?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00ERJX60G
Publisher: Avon Books
Chasing Morgan

FBI Agent Tyler Reed believes in nothing more than facts and evidence, until the day a beautiful psychic delivers a life-saving warning.

Five years on and her gift has led to the apprehension of several criminals by the FBI.

Despite her vital assistances, Tyler still doesn’t know much about the mystical Morgan Standish. In fact, all they ever do is communicate by phone—until now.

Because of her talents, Morgan can’t get too close to anyone, especially the handsome Special Agent Reed.

When a serial killer however comes after her, Morgan’s only hope of survival may very well be Agent Tyler Reed.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00QD9K5I4
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Can't Wait

As much as Caleb Bowden wouldn’t be with any other woman other than Summer Turner, he knows that she is strictly off limits, being his best friend's sister. That is a line that he has vowed not to cross.

Summer on the other hand feels for Caleb what no other man has ever made her feel.

Despite their open attraction, Caleb doesn’t seem interested in advancing their otherwise flirtatious friendship.

Summer has however had enough. She is now taking matters into her own hands.

She wants her cowboy for Christmas, and that’s exactly what she is going to get.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00L1AJVGM
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Everything She Wanted

Lawyer Ben Knight has committed his himself towards saving the lives of his clients, whether it’s protecting those in need or helping abused women escape their dreadful conditions.

One of his clients is the pretty Kate Morrison, a woman threatened by a man rich enough to get away with anything—including murder.

As a social worker, she spends her days fighting for the weak, and now it’s time for someone to fight for her.

With the help of Ben, they work towards putting Evan Faraday right where he belongs: behind bars.

Given the undeniable tension between them, will they be able to explore their budding love before it’s too late?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B072L1V2X7
Publisher: Avon Books

The McBride Series

The Return of Brody McBride

Brody McBride is a decorated Army Ranger.

A former bad boy, he is determined to return home and make amends with the woman he wronged eight years ago.

Rain Evans was left shattered after the love of her life broke her heart before disappearing without a trace. Apart from the broken heart, Brody also left her with two lovely daughters: one whom she gave birth to and the other whom she rescued from the woman who helped ruin her relationship with Brody.

Shocked to learn that he is a father, will Brody reignite the passion they once shared and become a happy family, or will his dark past jeopardize his future?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00NICD9I2
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Falling for Owen

Owen McBride works as an attorney by day and a rancher by night.

Having overcome his shadowy past, his sole mission now is to protect the innocent, and that is exactly what he does when a client's barbaric ex-husband targets him and his beautiful neighbor Claire.

Attractive men are not to be trusted according to the gospel of coffee shop owner Claire Walsh. So when the wickedly sexy Owen McBride vows to protect her, she is unwilling to get her heart involved.

However, the more time they spend together, the more she falls head over heels for Owen.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00DB3FRSI
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Dylan's Redemption

After being abandoned by the love of her life and almost being killed by her drunken father, Dylan McBride flees Fallbrook—swearing never to return.

Jessie however hesitantly returns eight years later following the death of her father.

Now the new sheriff of Fallbrook, Dylan hopes that the job will not only mark the beginning of a new chapter for him but also help solve the mystery behind Jessie's disappearance.

Never did he ever think that he would come face-to-face with the woman who he believed was dead for almost a decade.

Given their instant undeniable attraction, will the two overcome their dark pasts in the hope of a bright future together?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00GR0CJ1K
Publisher: Avon Impulse

Wild Rose Ranch

Dirty Little Secret

Cowboy Noah Cordero loves nothing more than ranching, his younger sister, and his step-father.

Although Noah was groomed by John Cordero to take over the ranch, John leaves half the ranch to a woman that Noah barely even knows.

The only thing that Roxy shares with Noah is the last name, but not his blood.

Forced to fulfill her father’s last wishes, she not only shares a home with the annoying and incredibly sexy Noah, but is also the new owner of the infamous Nevada brothel known as Wild Rose Ranch.

As their business relationship escalates into something more, what will happen when Noah uncovers her dirty little secret?

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2018
Publisher: Avon
Restless Rancher

When Sonya Tucker came to help Austin Hubbard revive the ranch, she ended up rebuilding more than just his ranch.

Austin had money, family and respectability before he lost it all. Brought up by her mother at Wild Rose Ranch, the most infamous brothel in Nevada, those are things that Sonya only dreamed about.

As they spend more time working together, the sexy business accountant begins falling in love with Austin—recognizing his honorable virtues.

That’s until old secrets threaten their new-found love.

Author: Jennifer Ryan
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07G13G996
Publisher: Avon