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Sean Michael Spicer, popularly known as Sean Spicer, is an American political aide and author of political memoirs.

He most notably served as the 30th White House Press Secretary and as White House Communications Director under President Donald Trump in 2017.

Born in Manhasset, New York, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in government from Connecticut College from and a Master's degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island.

Besides serving in various government appointments throughout his political career, Spicer is also a Commander in the United States Navy Reserve, having joined in 1999 as a public affairs officer.

He is married to Rebecca Miller, who is the senior vice president, communications and public affairs, for the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

They live with their two children in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Genres: Memoirs, Non-fiction

Born: 1971

United States

Children's Books

  1. The Parrots Go Bananas (2023)


  1. The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President (2018)
  2. Leading America: President Trump's Commitment to People, Patriotism, and Capitalism (2020)
  3. Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America (2021)
Children's Books

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Children's Books

The Parrots Go Bananas

Breaking News! Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary and Acting Communications Director for Donald Trump, has come out with his first children's book! Written for kids 4-12, this book tells a fun story about two amazing characters named Bongo and Asher who are preparing for the biggest ball game of the year. However, a sneaky band of parrots are determined to ruin Bongo and Asher's reputations by spreading untrue statements about them.

The Parrots Go Bananas

A band of parrots are determined to ruin Bongo and Asher's reputation.

Bonnie, Bongo, and Asher are excited to join the Smack-A-Ball game in Mushroom Village, but not everyone is so thrilled. Join the animals as they learn about jumping to conclusions, and explore the topic with your family through the BRAVE Challenge at the end of the book.

Author: Sean Spicer
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-1955550352
Publisher: Brave Books


The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President

No job is more of a pressure cooker than being a White House press secretary…especially in this White House.

For more than two decades, Sean Spicer had been a respected political insider, working as a campaign and communications strategist. But in December 2016, he got the call of a lifetime. President-elect Donald J. Trump had chosen him to be the White House press secretary. And life hasn’t been the same since. 

When he accepted the job, Spicer was far from a household name. But then he walked into the bright lights of the briefing room, and the cameras started rolling. His every word was scrutinized. Every movement was parodied. Every detail became a meme. And that’s just the public side. 

Behind the scenes, things were almost as difficult in an administration plagued by leaks that frustrated and angered both Spicer and the president. Not to mention the extraordinary pressures on Spicer’s family and his faith. 

Now, in his provocative and enlightening political memoir, The Briefing, Spicer reveals the truth behind some of the biggest news stories of our time, and he offers a glimpse into what it’s like to stand at the press secretary’s podium—and how he got there. 

The Briefing is the first insider account written by someone who worked on the Trump campaign, with the Trump transition team, and in the Trump White House—and has seen Donald Trump rallying voters, building an administration, and making crucial policy decisions. Spicer’s riveting and personal account makes The Briefing the must-read political memoir of the year.

Author: Sean Spicer
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1760790608
Publisher: New Holland
Leading America: President Trump's Commitment to People, Patriotism, and Capitalism

The former White House Press Secretary and Communications Director analyzes our current political moment through the lens of politics and culture and argues that President Trump has put the country back on the right track and needs to be reelected in 2020.

When it was announced that Sean Spicer would be the newest guest on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, he was promptly attacked by countless liberal media institutions. Apparently, they'd rather see him crawl under a rock forever than have a little fun on television (while raising money for charity). And that was only a small example. All over the country, liberals are attacking conservatives with the kind of fervor once reserved for hardened criminals. It's a zero sum game -- either you're with them one hundred percent, or you're the enemy. Whether you're in politics, media, academia, or entertainment, it's the same story.

As one of the few people who's played a small part in all of those worlds, Sean Spicer has a unique perspective on the methods used by the left to shut down conservative voices. He's been parodied on SNL, ripped apart on the nightly news, and protested on college campuses, all for doing his job. Outside of the left's bubble, however, he's been able to transition from politics to entertainment very well, and he's got huge numbers of supporters.

In Leading America, he writes about all the ways President Trump has fought back against the Left, and examines all the ways conservatives can take a stand to uphold their rights and values.

Author: Sean Spicer
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B084MDY19D
Publisher: Center Street
Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America

The Biden-Harris progressive agenda presents a radical change to the American economy, values, national security, and freedom.

From the former Trump White House press secretary and New York Times bestselling author of THE BRIEFING and LEADING AMERICA comes a stark warning: Under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, America is lurching towards economic collapse, runaway inflation, wide-open borders, an all-out assault on human life and religious liberty, a K-12 school indoctrination plan, “election reforms” to ensure never-ending Democratic Party rule, and more.

RADICAL NATION is a bold grassroots agenda for defending America against the Progressives’ Socialist agenda. Featuring powerful stories that will move you and keep you riveted, this book will channel conservatives discouragement, anger, and betrayal into meaningful action to keep America free, strong, and secure for our children and grandchildren.

Author: Sean Spicer
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B09BR5WCPJ
Publisher: Humanix Books