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Bobbi Phelps Wolverton books in order

Bobbi Phelps Wolverton was raised in Darien, Connecticut and first joined the airline industry after graduating from Pine Manor College and Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School- albeit after serving as a secretary in San Francisco.

She travelled solo around the world in 1967 before returning to complete her education at the University of California.

Bobbi worked as a photographer and copywriter having earned a degree in art history, but founded the award winning Angler’s Calendar and Catalog Company in 1975 with knowledge gained from her time working at Sierra Designs.

She is the current President of the Authors Guild of Tennessee.

More about Bobbi Phelps Wolverton

Genre: Thriller

Born: 1942


Non Series

  • Behind the Smile (2013)
  • Black Empress (2016)
  • Flyfishing Always (1984)
  • Writes of Passage (2011)
  • Saving Frankie (2016)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Behind the Smile

23 and yearning for an adventure, Bobbi Wolverton went on to become an international flight attendant in 1965.

It was during the glamorous, golden age of air travel when smoking was permitted, passengers dressed formally and visitors were allowed inside the cockpit during the flight- now unthinkable given the intricacies of modern day travel.

From harrowing landings in bad weather to sexual escapades and even babies being born during a flight; Behind the Smile takes us through real life experiences of working in the airline industry during its most enchanting era.

Author: Bobbi Phelps Wolverton
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0615827643
Publisher: Village Concepts LLC
Black Empress

Bobbi Wolverton and her husband, while on their eighteen-month trip around the world, arrived in the Middle East in 1972 where they worked in Iran for almost four months.

It was during their stay in the in the Muslim country that Bobbi saved a sickly Labrador retriever puppy from what looked like certain death. Despite the genuine show of compassion for the ailing puppy, rescuing it compromised Bobbi’s safety and position with residents and co-workers in Tehran, since dogs are considered impure in the traditional Muslim belief.

Black Empress walks us through true tales of drama and terror with the regular dose of humor from their international journey though Iran, India, and Nepal.

Author: Bobbi Phelps Wolverton
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997068801
Publisher: Village Concepts LLC
Flyfishing Always

Flyfishing Always is a book voluntarily written in its entirety by 38 members of the Federation of Fly Fishers.

The writers include the likes of Bobbi Phelps Wolverton, Nick Lyons, Doug Swisher, Lefty Kreh, Steve Rajeff, Maggie Merriman, George Grant, Charlie Brooks, Dave and Joan Whitlock, Ed Zern, Charlie Fox, Ernie Schwiebert, Joan and Lee Wulff, and many others who gracefully contributed their time to come up with such amazing articles that make up the book.

There are arrays of subjects from new tying techniques to beginner's equipment, from trout fishing to bass fishing, from lake fishing to bone fishing etcetera.

Profits collected from purchasing of the book have gone on to the International Fly Fishing Center; the one place that exudes the gentle art of "fly fishing always."

Author: Bobbi Phelps Wolverton
First Release: 1984
ISBN: 978-0961419301
Publisher: Federation of Fly Fishers
Writes of Passage

Through Writes of Passage, Bobbi shares stories of how she arrived in Cairo in 1967, just two days before war broke out between Israel and Egypt

The memoirs depict of how- the then 25-year-old former flight attendant- was locked in the basement of the Hilton Hotel for a staggering five days, and how life was for her before and during the bombings- amidst all the interrogations going on in the Middle East.

The book is a sampling of the memories related in the Tellico Village Public Library’s memoir writing class.

Author: Bobbi Phelps Wolverton
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 5-800075-936007
Saving Frankie

What would you do if you found a lanky kitten desperately clinging to a ladder high up in an old barn?

Would you ever think of rescuing it? And after thinking about it, would you actually go ahead and bring it home with you?
Well that is exactly what Bobbi did.

Saving Frankie is a nine-chapter text and coloring book, for readers of all ages, on how a once dejected kitten brought tales of humor and immeasurable happiness to her friends and family.

Author: Bobbi Phelps Wolverton
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997068825
Publisher: Village Concepts LLC