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Bob Zeidman is an American electrical engineer, inventor, and author of political fiction, thriller, paranormal and non-fiction engineering books.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he holds undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and physics from Cornell University, and a master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Bob is the creator of the field of software forensics, inventor of the renowned Silicon Valley Napkin, and the brains behind multiple successful high-tech Silicon Valley firms such as Zeidman Consulting and Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering.

He is also the founder of a Las Vegas based publisher, Swiss Creek Publications.

His novel, Horror Flick, won the 1999 Opus Magnum Discovery Award at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Whenever he isn't writing books, Bob can be found writing software programs, designing computer chips, and developing his multidimensional correlation theory.

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Genres: Circuit Engineering, Non-fiction, Paranormal , Political Fiction, Thriller

Born: 1960

United States


Non Series

  • Horror Flick (1999)
  • Good Intentions (2012)
  • The Amazing Adventure of Edward and Dr. Sprechtmachen (2012)
  • Animal Lab (2021)


  1. Verilog Designer's Library (1999)
  2. Introduction to Verilog (2000)
  3. Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs (2002)
  4. Circuit Design: Know It All (Newnes Know It All) (2008)
  5. FPGAs: World Class Designs (Edited by Clive (2009)
  6. The Software IP Detective's Handbook: Measurement, Comparison, and Infringement Detection (2011)
  7. Just Enough Electronics to Impress Your Friends and Colleagues (2012)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Horror Flick

Horror Flick is a fun, scary thriller about a film that is so bad, its viewers die watching it. The evil spirit of the movie’s leading man, who died during filming, is somehow imbedded in the film itself. Our hero is Brent Wooden, a Clint Eastwood-type, macho detective who is more comfortable dealing with psychos than psychics. His assistants include Buttonwillow McKittrick, a hippie, brainy, yet peculiarly seductive medium and Roger Herman, an ultra-low budget film maker with an ultra-high budget ego. This eclectic group must team up to stop this terrible killing spree before it airs on national television, wreaking havoc on the entire country. Their goal? Find the evil spirit and destroy it at its roots—the original celluloid copy of this long forgotten film.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0970227607
Publisher: Swiss Creek Publications
Good Intentions

Good Intentions is about a future United States that has become the ultimate nanny state. One man, Winston Jones, is chosen by the mysterious Fairness for EveryBody Society to be the next president because he has the required makeup—ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, etc.—to “fairly represent the diversity of America.”

The book is his reluctant adventure to discover what America is about and how to get it back to its real values. He comes across many clashing groups including “The Documented,” a group of legal aliens that refuse to break the law and thus get no government entitlements. He also comes in contact with Radical Femlamism, a bizarre melding of Radical Feminism and Radical Islam. All along he’s tracked by the Freedman Group, a collection of “subversives” who believe in free market capitalism and secretly run businesses without government interference.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0970227621
Publisher: Swiss Creek Publications
The Amazing Adventure of Edward and Dr. Sprechtmachen

Edward is an average little boy with an obsession for collecting things - everything from stale doughnuts to old car batteries. Dr. Sprechtmachen is the mysterious little man next door. They meet, become friends, and blast off for an adventure in outer space. They travel to Pluto where they meet the Plutacians, purple jellybean people who seem very nice -- at first. On Pluto, Edward and Dr. Sprechtmachen learn first hand about prejudice and racism, and they develop a plan to eliminate it by showing just how silly it really is. This wonderful lesson is presented in a magical, quick-paced adventure that is fun to read and educational too.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0970227614
Publisher: Swiss Creek Publications
Animal Lab

One day, the animals at a research lab wake up with the abilities of rational thought and communication. And the humans are gone. They realize they must organize into a society with rules, rights, and responsibilities. They heard about a farm in England where the animals created a socialist society that eventually failed. They are determined to succeed, so they create a democratic republic. But can they keep it?

Animal Lab is an allegorical novel by Bob Zeidman. It is a warning about the possible coming collapse of American society and along with it, American principles, values, and freedoms—torches that have lit the path for the advancement of the human condition for over two centuries and that must not be allowed to be extinguished.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B09HHMW3BB
Publisher: Swiss Creek Publications


Verilog Designer's Library

Why start coding from scratch when you can work from this library of pre-tested routines, created by an HDL expert? There are plenty of introductory texts to describe the basics of Verilog, but Verilog Designer's Library is the only book that offers real, reusable routines that you can put to work right away.

Verilog Designer's Library organizes Verilog routines according to functionality, making it easy to locate the material you need. Each function is described by a behavioral model to use for simulation, followed by the RTL code you'll use to synthesize the gate-level implementation. Extensive test code is included for each function, to assist you with your own verification efforts.

Coverage includes:

Essential Verilog coding techniques

Basic building blocks of successful routines

State machines and memories

Practical debugging guidelines

Although Verilog Designer's Library assumes a basic familiarity with Verilog structure and syntax, it does not require a background in programming. Beginners can work through the book in sequence to develop their skills, while experienced Verilog users can go directly to the routines they need. Hardware designers, systems analysts, VARs, OEMs, software developers, and system integrators will find it an ideal sourcebook on all aspects of Verilog development.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0130811547
Publisher: Prentice Hall International
Introduction to Verilog

This self-study guide came about as the result of the popularity of my textbook, Verilog Designer's Library. That book is an intermediate to advanced level reference book about the Verilog Hardware Description Language. Shortly after its publication, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) approached me to create an introductory book, based on the Verilog seminar that I give around the world. Over the years I've used the feedback from students to try to make it the best introductory Verilog course available.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0970227638
Publisher: Swiss Creek Publications
Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs

* Choose the right programmable logic devices and development tools * Understand the design, verification, and testing issues.

* Plan schedules and allocate resources efficiently.

* Choose the right programmable logic devices with this guide.

Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs guides readers through choosing the right programmable logic devices, understanding the design, verification, and testing issues involved with them, and more.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-1578201129
Publisher: CRC Press
Circuit Design: Know It All (Newnes Know It All)

The Newnes Know It All Series takes the best of what our authors have written to create hard-working desk references that will be an engineer's first port of call for key information, design techniques and rules of thumb. Guaranteed not to gather dust on a shelf!

Electronics Engineers need to master a wide area of topics to excel. The Circuit Design Know It All covers every angle including semiconductors, IC Design and Fabrication, Computer-Aided Design, as well as Programmable Logic Design.

• A 360-degree view from our best-selling authors.

• Topics include fundamentals, Analog, Linear, and Digital circuits.

• The ultimate hard-working desk reference; all the essential information, techniques and tricks of the trade in one volume.

NB: Darren Ashby, Bonnie Baker, Ian Hickman, Walt Kester, Robert Pease, and Tim Williams.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1856175272
Publisher: Newnes
FPGAs: World Class Designs (Edited by Clive

All the design and development inspiration and direction a harware engineer needs in one blockbuster book! Clive "Max" Maxfield renowned author, columnist, and editor of PL DesignLine has selected the very best FPGA design material from the Newnes portfolio and has compiled it into this volume. The result is a book covering the gamut of FPGA design from design fundamentals to optimized layout techniques with a strong pragmatic emphasis. In addition to specific design techniques and practices, this book also discusses various approaches to solving FPGA design problems and how to successfully apply theory to actual design tasks. The material has been selected for its timelessness as well as for its relevance to contemporary FPGA design issues.


Chapter 1 Alternative FPGA Architectures

Chapter 2 Design Techniques, Rules, and Guidelines

Chapter 3 A VHDL Primer: The Essentials

Chapter 4 Modeling Memories

Chapter 5 Introduction to Synchronous State Machine Design and Analysis

Chapter 6 Embedded Processors

Chapter 7 Digital Signal Processing

Chapter 8 Basics of Embedded Audio Processing

Chapter 9 Basics of Embedded Video and Image Processing

Chapter 10 Programming Streaming FPGA Applications Using Block Diagrams In Simulink

Chapter 11 Ladder and functional block programming

Chapter 12 Timers

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1856176217
Publisher: Newnes
The Software IP Detective's Handbook: Measurement, Comparison, and Infringement Detection

"The Definitive Software IP Guide for Developers, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, and Consultants."

In The Software IP Detective’s Handbook, pioneering expert Bob Zeidman–creator of CodeSuite®, the world’s #1 software IP analysis tool–thoroughly covers all technical and legal aspects of IP theft detection. Using his rigorous framework and practical examples, you can accurately determine whether software copying, theft, or infringement has occurred, and fully support your findings in any venue. This book will help you:

Understand the key concepts that underlie software IP analysis.

Compare and correlate source code for signs of theft or infringement.

Uncover signs of copying in object code when source code is inaccessible.

Track malware and third-party code in applications.

Use software clean rooms to avoid IP infringement.

Understand IP issues associated with open source and DMCA.

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0137035335
Publisher: Prentice Hall International
Just Enough Electronics to Impress Your Friends and Colleagues

This book is for anyone but electrical engineers. If you work with them, work for them, manage them, market to them, or sell to them, you’ll want to read this. This book will take you on a whirlwind tour of the fundamentals of electronics. By the end, you'll be familiar with the basic concepts of various kinds of modern electronic technologies and devices. You’ll be able to impress friends at cocktail parties, enhance your standing at work, and maybe even communicate with the brainy men and women who are changing the world. The topics covered are:


2.Linear Devices

3.Electricity as Sound

4.Nonlinear Devices

5.Transmission Lines

6.Digital Logic

7.Semiconductor Technology

8.Memory Devices

9.Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)

10.Programmable Devices (CPLDs and FPGAs)

11.Computer Architecture

12.Engineering Equipment

Author: Bob Zeidman
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0970227645
Publisher: Swiss Creek Publications