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Lee Child books in order

James Dover Grant (CBE), fondly known by his pen name Lee Child, is an award winning author of thriller novels best known for his Jack Reacher novel series.

Born in Coventry, he attended King Edward's School, Birmingham before pursuing law at University of Sheffield, even though he had no motive of entering the legal profession.

In 1997, he released his first novel, Killing Floor, which won the Anthony Award and the Barry Award for Best First Novel.

His books, One Shot and Never Go Back have been adapted into films by the name Jack Reacher (2012) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) respectively.

Grant currently lives in New York with his wife Jane whom he met in 1975. Together, they have a daughter.

More about Lee Child

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Born: 1954

United Kingdom

Pseudonym: Lee Child


Jack Reacher Series
  1. Killing Floor (1997)
  2. Die Trying (1998)
  3. Tripwire (1999)
  4. Running Blind (2000)
  5. Echo Burning (2001)
  6. Without Fail (2002)
  7. Persuader (2003)
  8. The Enemy (2004)
  9. One Shot (2005)
  10. The Hard Way (2006)
  11. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)
  12. Nothing to Lose (2008)
  13. Gone Tomorrow (2009)
  14. 61 Hours (2010)
  15. Worth Dying For (2011)
  16. The Affair (2011)
  17. A Wanted Man (2012)
  18. Never Go Back (2013)
  19. Personal (2014)
  20. Make Me (2015)
  21. Night School (2016)
  22. The Midnight Line (2017)
  23. Past Tense (2018)
  24. Blue Moon (2019)

Detailed book overview

Jack Reacher Series

Killing Floor

"Margrave, Georgia is a place where visitors are either part of a massive conspiracy, or dashing towards a brutal death—or in some occasions, both!"

Former military man Jack Reacher is arrested while aimlessly drifting in Margrave, Georgia. His quest of searching for clues of a long dead black jazzman is short lived as he is arrested for murder; with the chief of police turning eyewitness. Even worse ids that the murdered wasn’t just any other victim, but rather Reacher’s brother; one he hadn’t seen in seven years.

Finding himself in the state pen at Warburton for the weekend, despite pleading his innocence, Reacher clicks into overdrive.

With the help of a Harvard-educated chief of detectives and a sharp yet messy officer who would bed him at the first chance, Reacher embarks on a mission to find the people who set him up.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0515153651
Publisher: Berkley
Die Trying

“Jack Reacher finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Jack Reacher meets an attractive young woman as he strolls in a sun kissed Chicago street. Seeing that the woman is limping and struggling with her crutches, he offers a supportive arm; only for them to turn and face unknown men holding twin handguns aimed straight at their stomachs.

Chained to the woman, confined to a back of a van and driven 2,000 miles across America, Reacher is unsure of the kind of people he is dealing with.

The kidnappers are unwilling to speak, and the woman she is with claims to be Holly Johnson—an FBI agent.

Taken to an unknown location, the kidnappers demand an impossible ransom.

The mysterious woman seems to be worth a lot, and Jack knows that he has to save them both…or die trying.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0857500052
Publisher: Bantam

“Jack Reacher goes against his most deadly and heartless enemy”

By day, ex military man Jack Reacher is digging pools and by night, he works as the bouncer in the local strip club in the Florida Keys.

But after a private eye reaches out to him, Reacher is shocked to discover his lifeless body lying in the street.

Upon tracing the victim’s trail to New York, he learns that the private investigator was working for Leon Garber; Reacher’s former commanding officer, mentor and close friend.

Joining forces with Jodie, a brilliant Wall Street lawyer and Garber’s daughter, the two unearth a secret that has been kept hidden for 30 years.

Enmeshed in a perilous search for the truth, Reacher and Jodie also discover their love for each other.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0425264393
Publisher: Berkley
Running Blind

“Jack Reacher races to solve the perfect crime.”

It’s always hard being a successful woman in the Army. So when the unmarked bodies of Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cook are discovered in their homes, inside baths filled with exclusive Army camouflage paint, Jack Reacher is convinced that something is amiss.

Being a former military man, he knew both of the victims, and also knew that they left the Army after falling victim to sexual assault.

But when the FBI’s psychological profile matches that of Reacher, the drifter is arrested by Special Agent, Julia Lamarr.

It however becomes clear that Reacher isn’t the serial killer as the body of another woman, Sergeant Lorraine Stanley, is found killed in a similar fashion.

What exactly do these women have in common?

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0425264409
Publisher: Berkley
Echo Burning

“Jack Reacher finds himself in trouble in Texas. Or does trouble find Jack Reacher in Texas?”

The sun blazes mercilessly across the Texas desert. Jack Reacher, a loner and drifter, has nowhere to go yet all the time in the world to get there.

Hitching rides is as dangerous as it is unreliable, yet Reacher doesn’t have much of an option, as he needs to keep moving through the endless vast land—much like a shark in open water.

So when Carmen, a young, rich and stunning lady approaches him in a Cadillac, he grabs the opportunity by the scuff of the neck.

Carmen however has a story of her own too; one revolving around her husband, her family secrets and her strange hometown.

What started as a hitched ride could very well cost them both their lives.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0425264416
Publisher: Berkley
Without Fail

Jack Reacher receives a strange request from a Secret Service agent.

“I want to hire you to assassinate the Vice President of the United States,” were her words.

As the newly appointed head of the Vice President’s security detail, she wants Reacher to attempt penetrating the protective ring as a way of testing its effectiveness during a genuine attack.

Reacher certainly has the skills and experience to undertake such an assignment.

What he however isn’t told is that a lethal team of well trained assassins want to eliminate the VP.

Though deadly themselves, they have overlooked the fact that there is an equally deadly killer by the name Jack Reacher.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0425264423
Publisher: Berkley

 “Jack Reacher stalks a nemesis from the past”

Jack Reacher left the Army years ago. Since then, he has been a passionate lone ranger wandering from place to place without a family, possessions, commitments and most of all, without fear.

It’s a life that suits him perfectly, as trouble somehow always manages to find him, regardless of where he goes.

Some unfinished business from the past has however found him this time round.

A decade ago, Francis Xavier Quinn got off scot free on murder charges after a key investigation went sour.

So when a fortuitous encounter outside Boston’s Symphony Hall brings it all back, Reacher sees it as his only remaining chance to inflict revenge.

Whereas some would call it redemption, Reacher views it as a simple act of justice.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0857500106
Publisher: Bantam
The Enemy

“Jack Reacher is fighting a new kind of war.”

The year is 1990. It’s New Year’s Day. The Berlin Wall is coming down and the Cold War is ending. America may soon have no enemies left, which means the Army won’t have anyone to fight.

Jack Reacher receives a call about a dead soldier while on duty on a base in North Carolina. He instructs the local cops to handle the matter, as heart attacks happen all the time. But why is he in North Carolina, rather than in Panama where the action is?

The events that follow raise even more suspicion.

The soldier found dead in a hot-sheets motel was apparently a two-star general who should have been in Europe.

When Reacher goes to the general’s house to break terrible the news, he finds the general’s wife, murdered.

What exactly is going on? Has the end of one war marked the beginning of another?

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0739378526
Publisher: Random House Large Print
One Shot

A lone gunman hides in a parking garage and fires into a crowd in a public plaza in a small Indiana city. When six shots ring, five bodies lie lifeless.

The perfect trail leads to the swift arrest of James Barr.

Upon arrest, James completely refuses to co-operate, only uttering the words: “Get Jack Reacher for me.”

Reacher is however already on his way. What could the two have in common?

But by the time the ex military policeman arrives, Barr has been beaten senseless; enough to forget everything that happened.

Pairing with a young defense attorney who is working against her D.A. father, the two are poised to go against a prosecution team with their own incendiary secret.

Complex as the case is, Reacher has never lost a battle. And this won’t be his first!

Jack Reacher
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Cast: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog, David Oyelowo, Robert Duvall
Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0857500120
Publisher: Bantam
The Hard Way

Edward Lane paid a whopping one million dollars in ransom money, and there is no amount he wouldn’t pay to get back his beautiful wife and child.

So it’s no surprise that he turns to Jack Reacher for help—quite assuredly the best hunter there is.

As Reacher hunts for the kidnappers, he comes to learn of spine-tingling secrets from his employer’s past.

But by the time he however realizes it, he is way too deep to stop.

As the mantra goes in the service, the only way to find the truth is to do it the hard way.

In search for clues, the ex military policeman goes back to where it all began.

What initially began in New York City soon blows up three thousand miles away in the quiet English countryside.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0857500137
Publisher: Bantam
Bad Luck and Trouble

In California, a man is sent on a free fall into the night from a helicopter high above the isolated desert.

In Chicago, a woman finds out that an A-list team of former military investigators is being hunted down one by one.

Having been on his own for a decade, Jack Reacher is virtually untraceable as he has no phone, no ties and no address.

Frances Neagley however locates him via a signal privy to only the eight members of their elite team of army investigators.

Uniting with the surviving members of their old team, they swiftly bury the dead and race against time to unravel the mystery that is becoming ever so harder to solve—with new developments cropping up every time.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0440423355
Publisher: Bantam
Nothing to Lose

“Jack Reacher goes to war against a town that not only wants him gone, it wants him dead.”

Hope and Despair, two lonely towns in Colorado, are separated by twelve miles of empty road. Jack Reacher isn’t one to turn back. It's just not in his nature. All he yearns for is a cup of coffee, but what he gets instead is trouble.

Reacher was just passing through town minding his own business when everything explodes after just minutes of his arrival.

An industrial site in Despair seems to be undertaking operations that no one is supposed to see.

It has high walls with heavily armed military cops guarding it. Even more mysterious is that a small plane takes off every night only to return seven hours later.

What secrets is Despair so desperate to hide?

Reacher is out to solve the mystery...and he has nothing to lose.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0739327906
Publisher: Random House Large Print
Gone Tomorrow

“Up close and personal.”

When a suicide takes place on a Manhattan subway, one which Jack Reacher witnesses, the former military policeman has a feeling that there is more to the events of that day.

Soon enough, he starts exploring and goes in deep. Perhaps too deep to ever turn back.

What he is trying to discover is a terrible secret which both the feds and Al-Queda are willing to kill in order to prevent it from being revealed.

A lone ranger like Jack Reacher still somehow manages to stand out, even in a city as expansive as New York—with over eight million people.

It doesn’t take long before both side start chasing after him—which is exactly what he wants.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0345541581
Publisher: Bantam
61 Hours
“Secrets are deadlier and Reacher’s enemies are stronger than ever.”

Jack Reacher finds himself in the middle of South Dakota after a tour bus crashes following a terrible snowstorm.

He may have been unprepared for the snowstorm, but Reacher is always ready to risk his life for a good cause. This time round, it is for a fearless witness willing to speak out against injustice in a small town run by evil forces.

But dead men tell no tales, and she will need Reacher’s help in order to live long enough to testify.

She is however walking with a target on her back and a hired killer is coming for her.

He will be in Bolton soon…or maybe he is already there.

A lot will happen in the next 61 hours.
Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-0345541598
Publisher: Bantam
Worth Dying For

"Jack Reacher walks right into trouble in the corn rich Nebraska country."

The Duncans, a local clan that has haunted an entire county, want Jack Reacher gone. It’s not because of the long held secrets that they are preventing from being revealed, but rather because their secret shipment is running late, and they have clients they simply can’t afford to anger.

As frightening as the Duncans are, they are just but bottom feeders of a criminal food chain that goes halfway around the world.

All Reacher could have done is keep going. But you should never interrupt a man on his way to meet a sexy woman with an even sexier voice.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0345541604
Publisher: Bantam
The Affair

“Everything starts somewhere…”

For Jack Reacher, it all started in Carter Crossing, Mississippi, back in 1997. On a deserted railroad track was a body. And a crime scene soon turned into a cover up.

When the body of the young woman is discovered, evidence overwhelmingly points towards a soldier at a nearby military base. The soldier however knew influential friends in D.C.

Going undercover, Reacher’s mission is to collect every bit of information he can, control the local police then disappear.

But when he arrives as Carter Crossing, nothing goes as planned.

There, he meets Elizabeth Deveraux; a local sheriff who thirsts for justice just as much as she does for secrets.

Reluctantly working together, they begin to piece out the evidence.

But when Reacher finally solves the puzzle, will he be able to keep quiet and still live with himself? Because his answer is not the same as the one the Army has.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0739378489
Publisher: Random House Large Print
A Wanted Man

Ex military man is a lone wolf, ever on the move with no phone, no ties and no address. He is huge, tough and has a freshly-busted nose, patched with silver duct tape.

When you look like him, hitching a ride isn’t the easiest of things.

He however has some business in Virginia that just can’t wait, all thanks to the alluring voice of a woman he has never met.

Reacher seems in luck, as he manages to hitch a ride from strangers.

After just a few minutes, it becomes clear as day that the strangers—two men and one woman—are lying about everything.

The plot thickens when they come across a police roadblock on the highway.

There has been a reported incident, and the police are looking for the perpetrators.

Will they manage to get through because the three are innocent or because three has now become four?

Could Reacher be a decoy?

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0307990853
Publisher: Random House Large Print
Never Go Back

Lone wolf Jack Reacher has travelled from snowbound South Dakota to northeastern Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

The 110th MP, the headquarters of his old unit, is the closest thing to a home he has ever had.

He is there to physically meet the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner; the warm, alluring voice he has been speaking to over the phone.

Upon his arrival however, Reacher is shocked to find that Turner isn’t the one behind the CO’s desk.

Two very shocking news awaits him; one with grave criminal consequences, and the other too personal to contemplate.

Flight or fight is the name of the game. For Reacher, fight is the only way he knows.

He has to find Turner and clear his name, but not without overcoming the army, the FBI, the D.C. Metro police and four unknown criminals.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Director: Edward Zwick
Cast: Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Aldis Hodge, Danika Yarosh, Patrick Heusinger, Holt McCallany, Austin Hebert, Robert Catrini, Robert Knepper, Jessica Stroup, Madalyn Horcher, Jason Douglas, Teri Wyble, Lee Child
Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0399594977
Publisher: Dell

“You can leave the army, but the army doesn’t leave you.”

Ex military policeman Jack Reacher is drawn back into service, but this time round for the State Department and the CIA.

There has been an assassination attempt on the French president. The bullet was American and the distance between the gunman and the target was quite bold; three-quarters of a mile to be particular.

John Kott, an American marksman, is the prime suspect.

A free man having spent the last fifteen years in prison, he is one of the very few men alive who can shoot from such a distance.

Reacher has beaten Kott before and he knows he can do it again, but for this mission he is paired with Casey Nice—a rookie analyst.

As they face mobsters, Serbian thugs and back stabbers, Reacher can’t stop thinking about the woman he once failed to save.

It can’t happen again!

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0804178754
Publisher: Dell
Make Me

“Why is this town called Mother’s Rest?”

It’s a question that Jack Reacher is trying to answer yet nobody is willing to tell him.

As usual, he isn’t going anywhere in particular and has all the time in the world to get there.

So when an anxious woman called Michelle Chang confuses him for her missing partner in a private investigation, Reacher agrees to work with her.

His search leads him to through LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, and the dark parts of the internet before leading him back to Mother’s Rest—right where he started.

This is only just the beginning of his worst nightmare.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0804178792
Publisher: Dell
Night School

The year is 1996. Jack Reacher is still serving in the army aged 35.

He is given a medal in the morning, sent back to school in the afternoon and is off the grid that night.

An FBI agent and a CIA analyst are also in the classroom. Unsure of what they are doing there, they soon learn that a Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg is visited by a Saudi courier seeking safe haven.

A covert CIA asset inside the cell overheard the courier whisper the words:

“The American wants a hundred million dollars.”

From who? For what?

Pairing with the sharp-witted Sergeant Frances Neagley, Reacher embarks on a mission to get their man and thwart the dreadful act of terrorism.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0804178822
Publisher: Dell
The Midnight Line

Jack Reacher is wandering aimlessly past a pawn shop in a small Midwestern town when his attention is drawn by a 2005 West Point class ring on the window.

It's tiny which means it belongs to a woman, and also has her initials written on the inside.

But why would she give up something she spent four hard years to earn? Being a West Pointer himself, Reacher has had firsthand experience in getting it. Giving it up would be unthinkable.

Triggered, he tracks the ring back to its owner in a mission that takes him all the way to the deserted wilds of Wyoming.

Reacher wants to find the woman. And he will stop at nothing until he is certain that she is safe!

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0525482895
Publisher: Bantam
Past Tense

“Family secrets come back to haunt Jack Reacher”

Jack Reacher decides to visit his father's ancestral home while on his way back from Maine.

Although the rural New Hampshire town is a place he had heard quite a lot about as a kid, his visit becomes more of a mystery than a homecoming.

No one by the name Reacher ever lived in the town. Not one.

Having already learned of his mother's history in The Enemy, Jack Reacher is on a mission to discover his father's heritage.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1984820839
Publisher: Bantam
Blue Moon

"Once in a blue moon things turn out just right."

Seated in the back of a Greyhound bus, Jack Reacher watches as an envelope of full money is about to slip from the pocket of an old man asleep in his seat.

Reacher is likewise also keeping an eye on a man who would like to get his hands on that money. Not on his watch!

Although the elderly man is highly appreciative of the help, he declines Reacher’s offer to help him get home.

He seems vulnerable, scared stiff and is seemingly in some kind of trouble—big trouble.

The city has a gang problem; one pitting the Albanians vs. Ukrainians.
Could that be reason why the man is scared?

Reacher is no saint, but he just won’t take a back seat as bad things happen.

Author: Lee Child
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0593168158
Publisher: Random House Large Print