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Vanessa A. Ryan is an American author, actress and passionate painter.

Born in California and a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Vanessa is a science fiction writer; with her most recognized work being Horror at the Lake, a three-book Vampire Tale Series.

She loves painting and derives great inspiration from taking nature walks, which is no surprise why her painting and sculptures can be found across the globe.

Quite a witty character, Vanessa even at one point performed stand-up comedy. This certainly explains why her written works oftentimes reflect her sense of humor—even when handling weighty matters.

Other than the vampire trilogy, Vanessa A. Ryan has authored A Blue Moon, Horror at the Lake and A Palette for Murder.

She lives with Dezi, her cat, and several other feral rescued cats.

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Genre: Fantasy / SF


Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale trilogy

  1. The Legacy of Fear (2015)
  2. The Trail of Terror (2015)
  3. The Blood of Redemption (2015)

Detailed book overview

Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale trilogy

The Legacy of Fear

Susan Runcan is on a mission to vindicate Lindon Runcan; her grandfather and once famous archeologist whose impressive career ended in disgrace.

Whereas Lindon insists that robbers stole precious artifacts from his last expedition in Egypt, thereby denying both the Egyptian government and his backers of the spoils, it is he himself who actually stole them.

Seeing that Susan is the last of the Runcans, she inherits the artifacts along with her grandfather's palatial home in Lake Masley following the death of her uncle.

But when she goes to the small town to help uncover the reason why her grandfather put everything on the line for the artifacts, she learns of something that will change her life forever!

Author: Vanessa A. Ryan
First Release: 2015
Publisher: Permuted Press
The Trail of Terror

Susan Runcan loses her friends, loved ones, the palatial home she inherited and her grandfather’s mystical yet powerful medallion; all in one horrifying night.

There is however little time to weep and lament, more so after she discovers that she is a vampire and that shedding tears of blood will only enfeeble her.

Things take a turn for the worst when another vampire, hell-bent on destroying her, frames her for his own murders. Susan will however not go down; not like this.

Determined not to die a lonely death in a prison cell or end up murdering the police, she seeks to make peace with the vampire.

In the event that this amicable approach fails, why shouldn't she then just kill him?

After all, can she really allow one vampire to ruin her life?

Author: Vanessa A. Ryan
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00U1WAZPW
Publisher: Permuted Press
The Blood of Redemption

Despite swearing never to go back to the place again, Susan Runcan returns to her lavish home in Lake Masley, twenty years after inheriting it from her grandfather. Although she didn’t want anything to do with the place, she goes back to sell the property in order to raise money for her diminishing trust fund.

What should have been a quick business trip however soon turns into a prolonged stay when finding a willing real estate agent proves strenuous.

What’s more, Susan finds herself entangled in a murder scheme.

Determined to bring an end to the killing before she runs out of money, her mission in Lake Masley takes a different turn.

Could a vampire be committing these despicable crimes?

Author: Vanessa A. Ryan
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00V5H1ZHE
Publisher: Permuted Press