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Ronelle Antoinette is an American Writer, Freelance Editor and Review Blogger.

A lover of caffeine, all things chocolate and a hopeless romantic, Ronelle has always been intrigued with fantasy ever since she was old enough to read 'chapter books'.

She for the longest time flirted with the idea of delving into creative writing, and even got to the point of contemplating about pursuing it as a major in college.

That however never came to be, as she ended up obtaining a Bachelor's degree Counseling Psychology.

Her longstanding dream was eventually fulfilled in July of 2016 when she published Errant Spark; her first novel and the first installation of the Elemental Trials Series.

Ronelle currently resides in Western Colorado with her husband, two cats, and a dog.

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Genre: Fantasy / SF


Elemental Trials Series

  1. Errant Spark (2016)
  2. Flash point (2017)
Elemental Trials Series

Detailed book overview

Elemental Trials Series

Errant Spark

It is often said that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

In Egalion’s Imperial court, despite all the opulence and grandeur, betrayal reigns supreme.

The peace that has lasted for a whopping two thousand years is on the verge of being destroyed by the cloak-and-dagger political scheming.

Battlemage Jex Xander is quite the talkative type and this more often than not lands him into trouble; a polar opposite to Enari Namelum who seldom utters a word.

Through all the seemingly compounding chaos, passion and romance seems like a farfetched idea that they could never have time for. But life itself and the Goddess have other plans for them.

Author: Ronelle Antoinette
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1517334932
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Flash point

The destiny of kingdoms rests upon the events of one summer...

Controversy will send ripples down to the very foundations.

Betrayal will tip the balances.

Choices will have repercussions

But as for the secrets, those will play the most pivotal role; changing absolutely everything!

The decisions of a chosen few will seal the destiny of many; with great uncertainty lying over who or what will survive when all is said and done.

Hearts and lives are on the verge of irremediable change, yet there is no surety that it will be for the greater good.

Author: Ronelle Antoinette
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1537201894
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform