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Yvette Willemse books in order

Yvette Willemse wanted to be an author ever since she was six years old. Born in 1993 in Christchurch, New Zealand, she started writing her first book at the age of ten; one which went through multiple rewrites until Tina Shaw assessed it when Willemse was seventeen.

At just eighteen, Yvette was signed for a period of two years by Pontas International Literary and Film Agency.

Permuted Press, on the other hand, bought the rights to the first four books of The Fledgling Account series two weeks before her twenty-first birthday.

Her other work includes music teaching; something she does throughout the year.

More about Yvette Willemse

Genres: Fantasy / SF, Young Adult

Born: 1993


The Fledgling Account

  1. Rafen (2015)
  2. The Sianian Wolf (2015)
  3. Servant of the King (2015)
  4. The Fourth Runi (2015)

Detailed book overview

The Fledgling Account


More than anything else, all twelve-year-old Rafen ever wanted was to escape from the fangs of slavery in Tarhia and find the strange phoenix feather that has incessantly haunted his dreams. Little did he know that his name bounds him to a legendary figure in the Pilamùric prophecies; one that has the young Rafen raised for servitude to the demonic Lashki Mirah.

Rafen marks the first of, The Fledgling Account, an epic fantasy fiction series about Rafen - the twelve-year-old on a quest to seek true freedom. All served in a mind-boggling concoction of horror, mystery, spirits, sorcery and swords.

Author: Yvette Willemse
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1640710009
Publisher: A3 Publishing
The Sianian Wolf

Something unequivocally feels out of place when Rafen and his newfound royal family of Siana return from their yearlong sabbatical. Before he could however make heads and tails of it, King Robert’s younger brother, Lord Frankston, traps the royal family in the same room with the Lashki Mirah - an invincible figure who rose from the dead decades ago to steal the Sianian throne.

Amidst all the attempts to save the ones he loves, Rafen unintentionally discovers a whole new side of himself in The Sianian Wolf; the second installment of the epic fantasy fiction series The Fledgling Account.

Author: Yvette Willemse
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1640710030
Publisher: Burnett Young Books
Servant of the King

Rafen meets Sirius Jones, the notorious Pirate King, when he and his friends venture out of Fritz’s Hideout to save Siana from the Lashki Mirah. After almost a grueling year of trying to find warriors to help free Siana, his search is finally over, or so it appears…

But Rafen only discovers his mistake when someone who he should have protected has been murdered.

When two monstrosities, Sirius Jones’ power and the Lashki Mirah’s, have been unleashed in Siana, his friends begin to acknowledge they can do little to save their country.

Rafen however remains true to the cause and will stop at nothing to prove himself the son of his mother and the true servant of the king.

Author: Yvette Willemse
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1640710054
Publisher: A3 Publishing
The Fourth Runi

Just when the storm in Rafen’s life is beginning to calm, Sherwin – who took a mysterious journey alone – returns to tell him who he really is; the one thing he had always deliberately ignored.

Incensed at being cut off from the royal family and isolated with his blood father in the country, Rafen will take the ultimate risk of alienating Sherwin, his brother Francisco and even Etana in his desperate pursuit to claim what is rightfully his by virtue of the phoenix feather he received as a 12-year old.

Author: Yvette Willemse
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1640710078
Publisher: Burnett Young Books